Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Just Like Detroit!"

We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, note that 79Th Street from State Street to Cottage Grove Avenue, seems to have a young thuggery element walking up and down the sidewalks and driving up and down as well, some to intimidate and harass long-time residents. There are loud police and fire sirens heard every hour on the hour every day. What is needed is more policing with hourly bicycle, motorcycle and car patrols done by teams of police officers on a daily basis in concert with the surveillance cameras already in place at several locations. As well, will we have a glimpse of the future for Chathamites in the pre-Olympic era with a gentrification wave from whites and a crime wave from blacks designed and intended to force long-time residents to sell their homes and move, in what could be called "residential bullying?"


worlee said...

So based on your premise the answer to all the problems in Chatham is to lock up all males 16-25 and the problems will go away.

JP Paulus said...

I agree with Worlee's assessment on this post. You make it sound like the whites are hiring gang members to move people out.

What is needed are neighbros standing up, and taking responsibility for our community, and confronting youth. Go walk the community. Say something to the youth when you see something wrong. I have done with kids who were fighting or running kate to school.

Walk the streets of our neighborhood when you can!
A recent U of I graduate mentioned to me that her block in Chatham feels a lot less like a community then it did when she was growing up.

I have left a few comments, but no responses. I am intereste din your feedback as well. We hope to see you as well at TheSixthWard blog