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1. From: Raynard
Subject: Community Skeptical of Olympic Committee

Olympic Committee meets a skeptical local community

The Olympic Committee has grand plans for new facilities,
but locals expressed skepticism at a recent community meeting.

By Dan Kolen

Reaching out to local residents, the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee
in a meeting to discuss how the Olympics would affect communities
if the City wins the Olympic bid.

The Olympics would provide an indoor track located in Douglass Park
on the West Side, an Olympic Village in Bronzeville that would be
transformed after the games into housing (around 30% affordable), and

Many people who attended the meeting expressed concern about the

Read more: click here>>>

2. From: Raynard
Subject: Bud goes Green for 80th year

A Salute to President Barack Obama."

With last year's festivities seeing over 75,000 participants,
1.5 million people along the parade route and over
25 million watching in their homes around the country,
this 80th year will undoubtedly be monumental!

Learn more: click here>>>

Also this weekend:

Art di Gras at Gallery Guichard
6th Annual Caribbean Festival
White Sox Black Greeks Night

3. From: Debra Jones
Subject: Sultry, Singin' Men of Soul


The musical legacies of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Barry White, Luther Vandross
and many more late greats, will be celebrated in the performance extravaganza,
"Sultry, Singin' Men of Soul" Aug. 8, 2009 at Kenwood High School Auditorium,
5015 S. Blackstone Ave. Chicago.

The open-seating show begins at 7:30 p.m. and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $35 in advance and $45 at the door.
Auditorium entrance and free parking on Lake Park Avenue.

For tickets, call 773-703-3743 or visit

Media Contact:
Roxanne L. Brown
773-548-6317 or 773-383-1553

4. From: Ranoule, Toure, others
Subject: Mega Event FRIDAY Night - ATL or WATCH ONLINE

5. From:
Subject: Mayfair Academy - Fall Registration Begins



6. From: Phyllis Banks
Subject: Ahmad Jamal to perform at the African Festival of the Arts


Ahmad Jamal, world renowned jazz pianist and composer
will be among the performers at the Chrysler Financial
20th Annual African Festival of the Arts, being held

Jamal, a former Chicagoan, performs Sunday, Sept. 6,
at 8:45 p.m. on the Dee Parmer Woodtor main stage.

Tickets are $10 in advance; $15 at the gate.
Main stage VIP seating is available.

Visit, or call (773) 955-ARTS.

7. From:
Subject: SAVE THE DATE! August 26th - Englewood Forelcosure
and Legal Rights Help Day!

The Monroe Foundation, in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services, West Englewood Division,
Nobel Neighbors, GRANDfamilies Program of Chicago, SAGA Empowerment Services, The Office
of The Honorable Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court, 007Th CAPS, and The Office of
The Honorable Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, have joined together to hold an:

"Englewood Foreclosure and Outreach Day"
August 26, 2009
Englewood 007th District Chicago Police Station
63rd & Loomis


To provide foreclosure intervention and counseling assistance and foreclosure legal rights advocacy
for Englewood/West Englewood residents "at-risk" or in foreclosure in zip codes 60621 and 60636,
perserving communities and families in Englewood.

Please Help Us Get The Word Out! Please Eblast the attached flyer to Englewood/West Englewood
organizations, institutions and churches.

We encourage financial institutions with pending foreclosure filings in these zip codes to inform your
mortgage holders of this outreach opportunity.

For More Information, Contact:

Regina A. Banks
Project Manager
The Monroe Foundation
(773) 706-8915

8. From: Chai Lee, The Art Institute of Chicago

New Interactive Site Incudes Enhanced Games, Lively Animation

The Art Institute of Chicago's Department of Museum Education has just launched Curious Corner ,
a vibrant children's interactive game that brings the museum's collection of art to life. Packed with
lively animation and fun features, the dynamic program encourages young Web users and their families
to explore more than 30 works of art from around the world through playful and creative activities.

Developed by the Art Institute in collaboration with Sandbox Studio, Inc., a design company dedicated
to educational programs and technology, Curious Corner is now accessible on the Web as well as
on dedicated computers inside the museum.

9. From:
Subject: IDOT New Construction Website

IDOT Launches New Construction Website to Offer More Transparency within the Agency
Public Website Offers In-Depth Look into IDOT Construction Projects

new innovative website, The Construction Zone Dashboard, is live.

The new website provides up to date information on currently active construction contracts, including
those funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, after contract execution.

The public can search for contracts by location, IDOT District, or a contractor. The website also
provides a means for viewing the location of the contract on a map. It also provides information on
the current status of the project as well as the location of the work, how far along the work is and
an estimate of the completion date.

For more information on projects in your area, visit the new site, the Construction Zone Dashboard,
at The user friendly website will be updated daily.

10. From: Raynard
Subject: Living Around | Astor Row, Central Harlem

A Front-Porch Block, Once and Again
Source: New York Times

ASTOR ROW, on West 130th Street just off Fifth Avenue, with wooden porches and shady front gardens, was once regarded as one of the most tranquil and exclusive streets in Upper Manhattan. That was before it was caught up in the abandonment, decline and drug dealing that shook much of urban America in the late 20th century.

For just as the neighborhood had begun to see a flowering of new restaurants and retail businesses, the economic downturn brought with it uncertainty and falling prices. But adversity does offer opportunity. Brokers say that lower rents and town house prices have brought back bargain hunters, who were priced out a year or two ago.

In 1988, when Gulsen Calik, and her husband, Lars Westvind, both artists, moved from the East Village to a house on Astor Row, they had seen only the outside. Like many houses on the block then, it was boarded up.

As if to prove her point, her neighbor, Peter Holtzman, an architect, was in front of his house next door, detailing the history of Astor Row to Cheryl Cox, the director of an Upper East Side rhythmic gymnastics program, who was looking to rent a basement one-bedroom in his house.

Mr. Holtzman bought his house for $750,000 in 2004 and set about restoring it as a three-family. He told Ms. Cox that in the 1880s, when the Astor family put up the row, the rent was $1,500 a year.

Now he was asking $1,850 a month for the one-bedroom, which has its own entrance and opens onto a garden. Ms. Cox had been renting at Lenox Terrace, the huge private complex a few blocks away, but was looking for a change.

Mr. Holtzman warned her that it sometimes took him 15 minutes to walk to the corner, because he talked to neighbors along the way. There is the elderly woman who sits on the stoop across the street each afternoon; she knows most people on the block and everything about it. There is the teacher who bought back a house that her grandfather had owned in the 1960s.

Read the entire article and view slide show: click here>>>

11. From: Raynard
Subject: Beer Summit no answer to race problem in America

Black Intellectuals Decry White House 'Beer Summit';
Say Notion of a Post-Racial America is a Myth
by Zenitha Prince
Source: Special to the NNPA from the Afro-American Newspapers

Despite the overwhelming election of President Barack Obama, the inherent prejudice against people of color
remains alive and well in American society, said a panel of Black intellectuals, critics and activists last week.

''This whole notion of a post-racial society is ridiculous, we need to stop saying it, we need to stop even talking
about it,'' said BET's Jeff Johnson. ''Let's be honest about the fact that many of us from all races are racist

The statement was part of an assessment of the ''State of Black America,'' an annual conversation held at the yearly
convention of the National Urban League, which produces a report of the same name.

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge, Mass. Police Sgt. James Crowley to discuss the officer's
arrest of Gates in his own home and the president's resulting criticism continued.

But unlike some in the media who saw the meeting as a significant step forward in resolving the issue of racial profiling
and the underlying prejudice, many on the panel thought it was a mostly empty gesture.

''It is a significant brouhaha [but] I'm not sure it gets to what 'ales' (ails) us,'' commented Georgetown University
professor Michael Eric Dyson. ''The real problem is still on the streets where disproportionate numbers of Black
and Latino men and women are subjected to arbitrary forms of police power.''
Johnson agreed in even starker terms.

''I'm offended by the discussion at the White House,'' the political commentator said, ''because if they were serious
about solving this problem, Gates would be there, Crowley would be there, but so would Tyrone and Shaniqua and
other young people who have dealt with this kind of psychosis from the police; they are not represented in this

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