Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eternal Vigilance is Needed to Keep Grand Crossing Post Office Open

We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, feel that eternal vigilance on the part of all residents concerned that the Grand Crossing Post Office, opened in 1935 and built by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as part of the New Deal, should always remain open, is greatly needed, especially for six-day a week mail delivery and availability of postal services including collection boxes to the senior citizens of our community. Chathamites must think and act proactively when viewing the U.S. Postal Service, founded by Benjamin Franklin, as vital even in the digital age, for the pick up and delivery of everything from the postcard and first-class letter to registered and certified mail, Parcel Post and special delivery. Currently, the Postal Service is mulling over a list of closures, mostly in cities and suburbs, including the Grand Crossing Retail Store and Finance Station at 77Th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. If we, Chathamites, want the services provided by the store and the easy convenience for your mail services, including Saturday delivery, let your Congressman and Senators know it by calling their offices and let them know how you and your community will be impacted by the closing.

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