Monday, August 3, 2009

Chicago Transit Authority began Alternatives Analysis studies

In September 2006, the Chicago Transit Authority began Alternatives Analysis studies for proposed rail line extensions on the Red, Orange and Yellow Lines. The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Starts program requires transit project proposals to proceed through a process of planning, design and construction. The FTA process consists of five formal steps: Alternatives Analysis, Environmental Impact Statement, Preliminary Engineering, Final Design and Construction. The Alternatives Analysis study is designed to examine all the transit options available and determine a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA).

We are pleased to notify you that following public, stakeholder and agency outreach, we have completed the technical aspects of our studies. To conclude the Alternatives Analysis Studies, the Chicago Transit Board will consider adoption of the LPAs for each corridor on August 12, 2009. More information on the recommended LPAs is available on our website (click on News & Initiatives, Alternatives Analysis Studies). If you would like to submit comments or participate in this Transit Board action, you will find instructions enclosed.

If the Transit Board acts to adopt the LPAs for each line, CTA will enter into the next phases of the Federal Transit Administration’s New Starts process. This will include preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Preliminary Engineering (PE). Public outreach will continue in these phases and you will be notified of our progress and outreach opportunities.

CTA would like to thank you for your interest in the Red, Orange and Yellow Line Extensions Alternatives Analysis Studies. We look forward to your participation in subsequent project phases. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or (312) 681-2708.

Darud Akbar

Government and Community Relations Officer

Chicago Transit Board -- Public Comment Process

Effective January 2004, the Chicago Transit Board now accepts public comment at its monthly meetings. The procedures set forth below apply to public comments made before the Board. These rules are subject to change without notice.


Regularly scheduled meetings of the Chicago Transit Board take place on the second Wednesday of each month, at 10:00 a.m., in the Board Room on the 2nd Floor of the Chicago Transit Authority’s headquarters, 567 W. Lake St., Chicago, Illinois. Meeting dates are subject to change, so please access to confirm the actual date and time of each month’s meeting.

In most cases, the public comment period will be the first item on the Board’s agenda. A maximum of five speakers may appear before the Board each month, with each speaker allotted three minutes to address the Board.


Individuals who wish to speak at Board meetings must contact the Office of the Secretary of the Board no more than seven days in advance of each Board meeting. Individuals will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis; they will be allowed to address the Board only once every 12 months. Speakers may contact Gregory Longhini, Assistant Secretary to the Board, in any one of the following ways:

a. Phone: 312-681-5022

b. Fax: 312-681-5035

c. E-mail:

d. Mail: Gregory Longhini, CTA–Office of the Secretary, P. O. Box 7567,

Chicago, Illinois 60680-7567

Potential speakers must include some form of contact information in order to receive confirmation as to whether or not they may address the Board


Before the meeting begins, each speaker is required to sign two short forms. On one form, s/he must supply her/his name, address, and phone number (address and phone number will remain confidential), as well as the topic of her/his comments. The second form is a statement certifying that the speaker (a) does not represent in any way–either as an owner, member, employee, agent, or attorney–a company, person, or other entity that has submitted a bid to conduct business with the CTA within the last 12 months, (b) does not represent, in any way, a company, person, or other entity that has filed, participated in, or had an interest in a claim or lawsuit involving the CTA, and (c) will not address any matter which is the subject of a bid, contract, claim, or lawsuit involving or referencing the CTA. Anyone who does not agree to these terms will not be allowed to speak. More-over, persons who fail to abide by the terms of this policy while addressing the Board may be escorted from the proceedings.


The Board also accepts written comments at its meetings, whether from speakers during the public comment period of a meeting or from all individuals who wish to speak to the Board but are not selected. The comments will be distributed to the Board members at the Board meeting. As with the terms for spoken comments, matters relating to bidding, contracts, claims, and litigation will not be accepted.

Individuals may provide written comments via fax, e-mail, or regular mail as outlined above.


Transcripts of all spoken comments and copies of all written comments will be kept in the Office of the Secretary and will be made part of the permanent record of the Board proceedings. Individuals who wish to access the public comments must contact the CTA’s Freedom of Information Office.

Daniel Thomas, AICP for Darud Akbar
Chicago Transit Authority
567 W Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60680-7602

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