Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs!...and Business Opportunities and Economic Development, too!

We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, feel the time is ripe for all of our community leaders to rise up and ask President Barack Obama, himself, to come as an honored and invited guest to an outdoor dinner party (preferrably in canopied style behind Izola's Restaurant) with Senator Roland W. Burris as honored host, to present face-to-face economic development proposals with federal stimulus funds to create jobs desperately needed, especially for the young people in the neighborhood (and summer jobs with real pay like a $2,000 minimum per month for all 3 months so that teenagers can help out their families, and full-time year-around jobs with real good pay, with a $58,000 mean, for adults who can support their families as well), and to build a community center, a senior citizens center at the vacant lot at 82ND Street and King Drive, and a health and fitness club on the vacant lot that was the former site of Rhodes Theater at 79Th Street and Rhodes Avenue, like Bosse Sports in Boston, and to invite the upscale building of trendy shops and restaurants and tony places for people to dance and relax, like elegant supper clubs, to revitalize the area with a cash infusion of $5-7 billion dollars. Further, a full-fledged South Loop overhaul is necessary to bring Chatham to what it must be, and most importantly, ought to be, and that is equivalent to the current comfortable standard of living enjoyed by the white community in the affluent suburbs. Seniors citizens could stay in their homes with federal support in the form of housing grants, and more importantly, with a City Council ordinance to give them a variance on their property taxes, that they be capped giving them an additional exemption from the rise in real estate values due to a "South Looping" of Chatham. It is high time now for our leaders to get moving, go forward, and as Barack always says "get it done" right away! YES, YOU CAN!!!

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