Friday, August 21, 2009


We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, feel it is time for all the leaders in politics and business in our community to canvass President Barack Obama and Senator Roland W. Burris to provide federal largess through a stimulus package of $5-$7 billion dollars to revitalize Chatham through rebuilding, remodeling, rehabbing our housing stock, resurfacing our streets, especially the main arteries of 79Th Street and King Drive, rebuilding and modernizing our infrastructure at all levels, fortifying our public works, and reinvigorating our retail sector with new department stores that contrast the suburban malls. And it might be a good idea to propose an athletic center, a fitness club to be built on the site of the former Rhodes Theater vacant lot at 79Th and Rhodes Avenue like that of BosseSports in Boston. See It is up to them, our local community leaders to meet President Obama and Senator Burris, himself a long-time resident of Chatham who can serve as a conduit, one-on-one in person, in the Oval Office and the Senator's office in the Dirksen Building on the Mall in the District of Columbia, to seek out this federal funding to turn Chatham around from a deteriorating neighborhood, ghettoized by apathetic newcomers to a great, reborn area with a high standard of living, an unparalleled level of comfort, ready to welcome all visitors from around the world, all over the world for an Olympic Games in 2016 where the main venues, including Olympic Stadium, the site of the track and field events, and the opening and closing ceremonies will only be one (1) mile just north of Chatham. Let us begin right away, shirt sleeves up, and proposals for the future ready.

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