Thursday, August 27, 2009


We, at the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, appreciate the viral feedback from the literally thousands of residents through numerous blogs from all over the South Side of Chicago and even from the six collar counties, concerning the commentary on whether Chatham should be South Looped. Some have even proposed being Hyde Parked as more in line with what they have thought Chatham always was. We feel that a South Loop model would be the best for Chatham for two reasons. First, with all the damage done by the thug element of the younger generation (hoodlums and gang-bangers [black teenagers and young adults from broken homes] and bad-ass kids with little or no parenting--project people from prison), and second, the fact that the standard of living achieved by the suburban white community is now, since 1968, rising to be 40 years ahead of the black community, including Chatham, only a full-fledged South Loop overhaul is necessary to bring Chatham to what it must be, and most importantly, ought to be, and that is equivalent to the current comfortable standard of living enjoyed by the white community in the affluent suburban areas since 1980, all over the United States (as Chatham was in the 1950's and 60's).


worlee said...

This has gotten to be ridulous. Stop wasting bandwidth.

Levois said...

Do you think all younger people are thugs?

JP Paulus said...

Are you SURE you want Chatham to be SOuth Looped?

One of the the results is the removal of God for The Loop & SOuth Loop areas. Pacific Garden Mission, with its century history of restoring lives, and its open declaration that Jesus Saves, was bought out of the area.

Also, can CHatham's seniors (epecially thoe retiring) afford South Loop prices?

The white community gained some of their success by abandoning their responsibility to the community they grew up in, and ran in fear, and tuck with people like them. IS that really an example Chatham needs to follow?

And not to get too rude, but did you know the 6th Ward has several young people like Levois, recent college graduates who can make a difference in the community.

ifiworld said...

The problem lies in very many black people are uneducated, some of them illiterate or functionally illiterate, being have-nots, not taking advantage of any opportunity, and all and out riff-raft.