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With Current Obstacles In America, It's A Wonder That Any Black ManCan "Breathe"! - Black Male Achievement Is the Best Solution!

Making Progress; Moving Forward!
Black Male Achievement Is Best Response
130 American Cities Mentor Young Black Men and Boys
Take A Young Black Man To Worship Day

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Black male achievement is best response to issues of black males in America
A Morehouse College Graduation
By Phillip Jackson
December 16, 2014

At the exact same moment that 30,000 people were marching in Washington, DC chanting, "No Justice, No Peace" in support of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other victims of police killings, a 15 year-old Black boy, Demario Bailey, was being shot in the chest under a viaduct on the south side of Chicago for his jacket by other Black boys. He died. In 2012, there were at least 313 murders of young Black men and boys by police, security guards and vigilantes, which pales in comparison to the estimated 15,000 black-on-black murders of mostly young Black men by other young Black men almost every year. Where is their justice? Where is their peace?
God bless all of the protestors who have donned "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts and mimicked, "Hands Up - Don't Shoot" scenarios in cities and towns across this country. However, their actions alone will do almost nothing to change the plight of the masses of young Black men in America. Young Black men in America are the most despised, stereotyped, disregarded, and feared people in this country; more likely to be poor, more likely to be undereducated, more likely to be unemployed, more likely to live without their fathers, more likely to be locked up in prisons, and more likely to be murdered than anyone else in America. Unjust incidents that shock our sensibilities are easier to mobilize around than are the all-pervasive, deeply institutionalized, systematic injustices that Black males endure in their lives every day.
Usual and easy responses to the plight of Black males in America always include historic indignation, protest and demands that raise public awareness-the stuff "moments" and not "movements" are made of. However, what is lacking is a comprehensive, well-conceived, sustained response, which requires massive community building efforts, direct-actions with and on behalf of Black men, and a redirection of dollars from incarcerating Black men to educating and developing Black youth. Together, these actions will develop and support Black men and boys in becoming strong, positive, powerful, contributing, compassionate and courageous American citizens.
Even if American police, security guards and vigilantes do not murder another Black man ever, the existing socio-economic, educational and institutional factors in America will continue to destroy young Black men and boys at an ungodly rate. Unless and until these horrendous life-force crushing energies against young Black men and boys are positively transformed, their lives in America will continue to be a hellish catastrophe.
Even President Barack Obama got caught up in the symbolic frenzy of responses by requesting congressional support for $263 million to train police forces across America and for body cameras. Yet, the moment-by-moment, spirit-breaking forces nourished by the social/economic policies coming out of Washington, DC (and the states) continue to cement Black men's positions at the bottom of the American social, economic and education structure and at the top of the mortality, incarceration and unemployment indices. It's a wonder that any Black man can "breathe" in America with these kind of obstacles to overcome!
Black Male Achievement is the much-needed, missing and best response to the issues of Black men and boys in America. On January 19, 2015, the Coalition for Black Male Achievement will mentor 50,000 young Black men and boys in 200 cities-towards survival and success in America-as part of the Martin Luther King (MLK) Mentor Day initiative. The mentors are Black men and the curriculum is based on Black Male Achievement and human excellence.
Please visit to get your city and your young Black men involved or call 773.285.9600. The best way to improve the conditions of Black men in America is not simply to protest them, but to change them.
Phillip Jackson is the Founder and Executive Director of The Black Star Project. He can be reached at 773.285.9600. Click Here to sign up your organization to mentor young Black males in your city on Monday, January 19, 2015.
131 American Cities Will Provide the Best Response to Ferguson and New York by Mentoring An Army of Black Males for Success and Survival with a Black Male Achievement Curriculum!
Apparently, other American cities don't have the challenges educating and socializing young Black men and boys that the rest of America has. If your city does, ask your mayor, your school leader, your pastor or community leader to call 773.285.9600 to join this effort or click here to register.
Some young brothers from the Nation of Islam (Source)
These cities have signed up to help mentor 50,000 Black males on Martin Luther King's Birthday -- MLK Mentoring Monday, January 19, 2015. Why isn't your community or city participating?
  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Antioch, California
  3. Asbury Park, New Jersey
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Baltimore, Maryland
  6. Bastrop, Louisiana
  7. Biloxi, Mississippi
  8. Brooklyn, New York
  9. Bronx, New York
  10. Brentwood, Maryland
  11. Brunswick, Georgia
  12. Camden, New Jersey
  13. Canton, Mississippi
  14. Carbondale, Illinois
  15. Champaign, Illinois
  16. Chandler, Arizona
  17. Cheverly, Maryland
  18. Chicago, Illinois
  19. Chicago Heights, Illinois
  20. Columbia, Missouri
  21. Conyers, Georgia
  22. Coppell, Texas
  23. Davenport, Iowa
  24. Dayton, Ohio
  25. Denver, Colorado
  26. Detroit, Michigan
  27. Dolton, Illinois
  28. Durham, North Carolina
  29. East Cleveland, Ohio
  30. Elisabeth, New Jersey
  31. El Sobrante, California
  32. Europa, Mississippi
  33. Evanston, Illinois
  34. Evansville, Indiana
  35. Fairfield, California
  36. Florissant, Missouri
  37. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  38. Fond du lac, Wisconsin
  39. Forest City, North Carolina
  40. Gaithersburg, Maryland
  41. Gary, Indiana
  42. Grand Prairie, Texas
  43. Grayson, Georgia
  44. Greenville, Mississippi
  45. Gulfport, Mississippi
  46. Hampton, Virginia
  47. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  48. Hawthorne, California
  49. Hayward, California
  50. Hercules, California
  51. Hillside, Illinois
  52. Holland, Michigan
  53. Houston, Texas
  54. Indianapolis, Indiana
  55. Indianaola, Mississippi
  56. Inglewood, California
  57. Irvington, New Jersey
  58. Jackson, Mississippi
  59. Jackson, Tennessee
  60. Jacksonville, Florida
  61. Jetersville, Virginia
  62. Jonesdboro, Georgia
  63. Kankakee, Illinois
  64. Kansas City, Missouri
  65. Kingston, New York
  66. Lakeland, Florida
  67. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  68. Lansing, Michigan
  69. Las Vegas, Nevada
  70. Lavergne, Tennessee
  71. Leeds, Massachusetts
  72. Leesburg, Florida
  73. Lexington, Kentucky
  74. Lindenhurst, Illinoiis
  75. Lithonia, Georgia
  76. Long Beach, California
  77. Los Angeles, California
  78. Louisville, Kentucky
  79. Macon, Georgia
  80. Manor, Texas
  81. Marshall, Texas
  82. Maywood, Illinolis
  83. Mechanicsville, Virginia
  84. Meriden, Connecticut
  85. Meridian, Mississippi
  86. Miami, Florida
  87. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  88. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  89. Mound Bayou, Mississippi
  90. Nashville, Tennessee
  91. Newark, New Jersey
  92. New Haven, Connecticut
  93. New York City, New York
  94. Norfolk, Virginia
  95. Oakland, California
  96. Omaha, Nebraska
  97. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  98. Owings Mills, Maryland
  99. Park Forest, Illinois
  100. Petersburg, Virginia
  101. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  102. Piedmont, South Carolina
  103. Quartz Hills, California
  104. Radcliffe, Kentucky
  105. Renton, Washington
  106. Richmond, California
  107. Richmond, Virginia
  108. Riverdale, Georgia
  109. Riverside, California
  110. San Diego, California
  111. San Francisco, California
  112. San Jose, California
  113. Santa Monica, California
  114. Sarasota, Florida
  115. Seattle, Washington
  116. Silver Spring, Maryland
  117. Smyna, Georgia
  118. South Holland, Illinois
  119. Spartanburg, South Carolina
  120. St. Louis, Missouri
  121. Staten Island, New York
  122. Sumter, South Carolina
  123. Tacoma, Washington
  124. Tampa, Florida
  125. Tempe, Arizona
  126. Tougaloo, Mississippi
  127. Trenton, New Jersey
  128. Tunica, Mississippi
  129. Washington, D.C.
  130. Westbury, New York
  131. Ypsilanti, Michigan
Brothers from Morehouse College Achieve Success
Click Here to sign up and receive everything you need for a super-successful MLK Mentor Day! You may also call 773.285.9600 to register.
Click Here to ask President Barack Obama to support this initiative financially and to mentor young Black males on Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday.
On The Day Before MLK Mentor Day, Thousands of Young Black Males Across America Will Worship with Black men in
Take A Young Black Man
to Worship Day
Sunday, January 18, 2015
at a place of worship near you

Please call 773.285.9600 for more information or to register your place of worship.

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