Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best Response to the Tragedies of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson andEric Garner is MLK Mentoring Day!

Making Progress; Moving Forward!
Afraid of Dark Premiere

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The best response to the tragedies of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson and Eric Gardner is to teach 50,000 young Black men and boys to be strong, positive and principled Black men in America.
MLK Mentoring Day
January 19, 2015
with a Curriculum of
Black Male Achievement
Will your elementary school, high school, college, church, fraternity, community organization, youth organization, sports team, street organization (gang), men's organization, youth detainment facility or any other organization that has control of the minds of young Black men and boys join this mentoring effort any day during the month of January 2015 for three hours. We will send you everything that you need for a successful event.
This 3-hour mentoring session on Black Male Achievement includes:
  • Brief History of The Black Male Achievement Movement
  • Study List of 100 Black Male Achievers in History
  • Local Guest Speakers on Black Male Achievement
  • Discussion on How the Young Men in Your Group Can and Must Contribute to the Field of Black Male Achievement in Your City
  • Discussions of Black Male Achievement in Economics, Education, Business, Medicine, Government, Technology, Faith, Social Justice and Community Building
  • Teaching Young Black Men to Successfully Survive a Stop by Police
  • Lunch or Snack (Preferably African or Caribbean Cuisine, Soul Food or Vegetarian Fare)
  • The National Cred for Black Male Achievement
  • A Certificate of Completion for Youth Participating in the MLK Black Male Achievement Mentoring Session
For More Information, please call 773.285.9600 or Click Here to register your city or group for a MLK Black Male Achievement Mentoring Session today.
Click Here to please ask President Barack Obama to give 50,000 young Black men and boys in America support to succeed on MLK Mentoring Day.
See Film Premiere of
Afraid of Dark
Directed by Chicago's Own, Mya B.
Saturday, December 6, 2014
1:00 pm CST
Chicago Cultural Center's Cassidy Theater
77 East Randolph Street
Chicago, Illinois
"Why is everyone so afraid of black men?" In her new documentary, "Afraid of Dark", filmmaker Mya B. attempts to answer this question. In examining two of the most prevalent stereotypes about the black man as the brute and as the Mandingo we are led on a journey to understanding how the fear of these stereotypes have contributed to the rates of violence and incarceration against black men. We see how racism uses black on black crime and other unfortunate occurrences in black communities as justification for attacks on black males by police and citizen vigilantes alike.

The Film Cast:
Dr. Cornel West, Tom Burrell, Sadat X, General Steele, Malik Yoba, Vondie Curtis Hall, Lou Myers, Kevin Powell, Brooklyn Borough President - Eric Adams, Peter Gunz, Phillips Verner Bradford, Dr. Khalil Muhammad, Malakot Baker, Kenya K. Stevens, Dr. Sunni Ali, Infmega, Hasan Salaam, Mikeflo, Sam Reynolds, Miles McAfee, Umi, DJ Hard Hittin Harry, Chen lo, Chris Rob, Dr. Herukhuti, Sam Greenlee, and many more amazing men...

Film Screening and Panel Discussion;
Sponsored and presented by ImageNation Cinema Foundation and the Illinois Humanities Council
Click Here to View Trailer of Afraid of Dark

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