Monday, December 8, 2014

Help for Social Media Support for Title I parents

December 07, 2014
To all supporters of ensuring the academic advancement of all CPS Title I Students
Recently the OLSCR Director has given the Principal of Curtis Elementary the authority to place a cap on the parent reimbursement assistance that parents who are economically disadvantaged can receive as they attempt to participate in Title I Activities to support the academic advancement of their children from elementary school and beyond. If this is allowed to happen there will be a wave of discrimination against those parents who Title I No Child Left Behind supports, while the Principal controls the Parent funds. Please join me on Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 9:00am at Curtis 32 E. 115th Street Main building auditorium as community support.
The strategy is very obvious, once one Principal is allowed to do it the OLSCR will cunningly state that there is a need and request by parents to develop guidelines that will allow all Principals at every school that receives Title I Funds to follow suit further jeopardize the platform parents have been given by Title I No Child Left Behind to be included in the partnership of their student’s education.
The purpose for building this wall by Title I No Child Left Behind was to ensure provision of resources are distributed to sufficiently make a difference to local educational agencies and schools where needs are greatest. The State has been given the provision in Section 1118 to carry the task identified in Section 1111 Subpart 1(d) out by stipulating 1 percent is reserved for parent involvement at the school level to ensure effective involvement of parents with the focus on the removal of barriers “with particular attention to parents who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, and those with limited English proficiency”. By placing a cap on parent reimbursement places the removed barriers back for those who need the assistance to participate in their children’s education.
Because the item of Capping Parent Reimbursement is already on the Curtis PAC Agenda to be voted on December 10, 2014, giving the Principal the head start to gathered parents who do not need assistance with any childcare or travel expenses, to assist him in this process of being the majority –, we are calling on the help of other leaders to stand on this topic throughout the city, parents and community; past and present to attend this meeting. Your support in any way is appreciated in advanced.
Please forward this email to all in your contacts, email and phone; place a message on your Facebook page and other social media accounts. While some may no longer need assistance with Childcare and travel expenses let supports those who does, and continue striving for parent education. Most of all for the saints- stand in prayer for the right thing to be done. Thank you in advanced
Jauntaunne Byrd
Curtis Title I Parent of three students

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