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                         News Brief 2014

                       “Brand Chatham”  November 2014 Edition


         Provided by the Chatham Avalon Park Community Council

         2014 Board of Directors. To keep you informed on what’s

         going on your block, in your sub-area, in the Chatham



         Our Chatham Community Service Area is from 75th Street

         to 87th Street from Cottage Grove to State Street.     


       Chatham is not just a community located on

        the south side of Chicago.  it’s a standard,

        a Quality of Life Brand which reflects neighbors,

        businesses & community stakeholders, hard

        work and pride.


       Chatham Area Facts:

       According to the U.S. 2010 Census

       Total Population: (2010)  31, 028

        Race & Ethnicity   (2010)

        White   152

        Black/African American         30,323

        Asian                                                    27

        Multi-Racial                                      362

        Other                                                 164

        Latino                                                311


       Median Income         (2010)    $33,890


       Total Housing Units (2010)     16,382

       Owner occupied                           5,332

        Renter occupied                          8,380


      Median Home Sales (2013)    $120, 624


      Foreclosure filings    (2012)            316

                                              (2009)            329

      Project Based Section 8

      Buildings                          2

      Units                              161



      There were 1.5 violent crimes per 1,000 people

      in Chatham in past 30 days. (Down 20 % over a

      year ago).


       The Chatham Avalon General Monthly Meeting

       was held on Monday, November 10, 2014 at

       Urban Partnership Bank, 7801 South State

       Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619.  6:30 pm.





       Ms. Joyce Tucker-Ware, Vice-President/as the

       New Branch Manager of Urban Partnership Bank.


        Guest Speakers: Ms. Lisa Frazier, Manager

        U.S. Postal Service (James Worsham/ Grand

        Crossing Branch & Carrier Willis shared infor-

        mation on the products and services provided

        to our community. Ms. Staci Diggs, Heartland

        Alliance  updated the   community on the Afford-

        able outreach open enrollment) which will start

        on November 15, 2014.


        Congratulations & Best Wishes to Ms.

        Eloise Ousley former Branch Director of

        Northern Trust & Urban Partnership

        for many years of exceptional service.

        Ms. Ousley recently retired in October 2014.



        Guest Speakers included, Alderman Roderick

        Sawyer, Ms. Lisa Frazier, Acting Manager, &

        Carrier Willis of the James Wortham/ Grand

        Crossing Postal Branch on 77th & Cottage Grove.

         Ms. Staci Diggs, Enroller from Heartland Alliance

         / The Market Place.         

          Kudos to Essex Rayner & The 360 Degrees

          Band for the great Jazz Performance at the

          Woodshop Gallery on Friday, October 17,

          2014. Mr. Lawrence D’Antignac, owner

          of The Woodshop Art Gallery located at

          441 East 75th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619

          Received the 2014 Chatham Entrepreneur

          of the Year Award for 40 years of providing

          exceptional products & services.



         CAPCC  invites various speakers to join the

         conversation on a monthly basis to address

         Quality of Life Issues and Services. If you are

         seeking  to speak at an upcoming Capcc

         meeting please contact the CAPCC Office

         at 1-866-272-1215.




        Chatham Urban Garden (A Partnership between

        Chatham Avalon Park Community Council & The

        Center for Regenerative Truth) on CAPCC lots

        On 82nd & King Drive. It’s green, it’s healthy.

        We are seeking volunteers to expand our Urban

        Gardening Initiatives.  Please contact the CAPCC

        Office at 1-866-272-1215 and leave a message for

        Darlene Foster.



        Chatham Avalon Park Community Council

         Stands with Commander Glenn Evans and

         Thanks him for addressing our Quality of

         Life Issues in our community. Thank You,

         Thank You. WE APPRECIATE YOU AND






       Sub- Area I (75th to 79th State to King Drive)

       Keith Tate, Vice President.


Sub-Area I Update-

       A December 2014 meeting is scheduled.

       Sub-Area residents will be notified by flyer.



Jazz on Tuesdays continues at the 50 Yard

       Line at   69   East 75th Street, Chicago,

       Illinois 60619 starting at 6pm. Highlighting

       Various Local Artists. Come and get your

       Jazz on. It’s a Grown up Event, No kids.

       For info. Please call 1-773-846-0005.


Sub-Area II- (75th to 87th, King Drive to

       Cottage Grove). Maryellen Drake- Vice


           Sub-Area II Update-

           St. Dorothy’s Catholic School located

At 7740 South Eberhart, Chicago, Illinois

60619 is scheduled to close and merge with St.

Columbanus Catholic School at 331 East 71st Street creating Augustus Tolton school.

We would like to hear from you (the community

, parents & alumni). Please call the St. Dorothy School Concerned Alumni & Community to Prevent Closure of a Historically African Institution at 1-773-874-2468.




CAPCC congratulates Alderman Roderick Sawyer, 6th Ward on his 2014 Elected Official

           of the year award presented by the S.O.U.L.

           Organization of Chicago, Illinois.


A Sub-Area II Meeting is scheduled for

Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 11am

until 1pm at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 724 East 77th Street. Rev. Stephen J

Thurston, Senior Pastor.



CAPCC presented “Resident Matters” Let’s Talk Tiff on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Presenter: Ms. Bea Jasper, TIF Representative at the CAPCC Resource Center, 7927 ½ South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois  60619.




CAPCC Board of Directors thanks our

U.S. Veteran’s for their service & sacrifice

 on Tuesday, November 11, 2014. THE




 Another organized protest by Park Manor & Chatham Residents on the   (Methadone Clinic) to address loitering and other quality of life issues.   We will continue to update you on this particular  site and how it’s existence affects

Our Quality of Life.


Alderman Roderick Sawyer, 6th Ward has met

with the operators of the Methadone Clinic

regarding quality of life issues. Stay turned for

more information.



         Sub-Area III (79th to 83rd, Cottage Grove to King)

         Sub-Area Vice President- Candace Calhoun


         Sub-Area III Update-

         There is no upcoming Sub-Area III Meeting

         scheduled. When a date is selected residents

         will be notified by flier.


  Whitney Young library located at 7901 South         King Drive continues to provide quality service

 and resources to the Chatham and surrounding communities. Stop in, use the computer, take out a book, attend a workshop. Knowledge is

Power!! Mr. Mitchell Smith, Branch Manager,

Mr. Ross Berger, Assistant Branch Manager,

Ms. Faye Morris, Children’s Librarian. For more

Information please call 1(312) 747-0039.


Sub-Area IV (79th to 83rd, State Street to King)

Sub-Area Vice- Brian Garner. Brian Garner is

presently on leave from CAPCC as he aspires

for the elected position of 6th Ward Alderman.


 Sub-Area IV Update-

 There is a Sub-Area IV Meeting scheduled for

 Thursday, December 18, 2014 at Whitney Young

 Library 7901 South King Drive, Chgo, Illinois


·      A Neighborhood Watch has been created.

·      Flecks Coffee at 79th & Calumet has expanded     their menu and offers special events.

              Stop by and be uplifted.


          Sub-Area V   (83rd to 87th, State Street to King)

          Sub-Area Vice President: Ms. Sandra Wortham,



          Sub-Area V Update-

          No Sub-Area V Meeting scheduled presently.

         When a date is selected residents will be

         Notified by flyer.


Chatham Avalon Church of Christ located at

8601 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619

continues to host a Food Pantry every Saturday

from 8am until 10am serving over 300 families

            on a weekly basis. Check them out for Sunday  

            service.  Rev. Dr. Daniel Harrison, Pastor. For     

 more information call 1-773-723-8579.


           Sub-Area V ( 83rd to 87th, King Drive to Cottage

           Grove). Vice President Sandra Wortham.




Nat King Cole Park located at 361 East 85th

Street has various programs for Youth, Adults

&  Seniors. Stop in & pick up a schedule.

For more information please call Mr. Gene

Morgan at  1-312-747-6063.




Sub-Area VI- (83rd Street to 87th Street, King Drive to Cottage Grove). Mr. John Wheeler

Vice President.



Sub-Area VI Update-

           There is no Sub-Area VI meeting scheduled.

Once a date is selected, residents will be

notified by flyer.


Dunkin Donuts/Baskins Robins has broken

ground on 87th & Vernon. CAPCC will continue

to update you as the construction of the  development moves forward.


On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 

            Friday, October 10, 2014 & Thursday,

November 6, 2014 CAPCC hosted Medicare

& You/ Trusts, Wills & Estates Workshops

           at the CAPCC Resource Office,

           7927 ½ South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois




Kudos to the Grand Crossing Park Advisory

Council for advocating for our Youth.

           Keep up the good work Ms. Ce Ce Edwards    

           & Grand Crossing Park Advisory Members.


Kudos to the Nat King Cole Park Advisory

Council for advocating for our Youth.

Keep up the good work Mr. Guy Gray  

& Nat King Cole Park Advisory Members.


Kudos to Ms. Gale Hunter, Ms. Staci Thomas & Ms. Gwen Williamson for the Insightful,

Uplifting Productive Teen summit hosted by CAPCC‘s Education Committee on Saturday, October 25, 2014 at St. Dorothy’s Catholic School at 7740 S. Eberhart Avenue.



Special Thanks to Ms. Jasmine Thomas,

Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Kennedy Wilson,

Angelica Sheppard, Mia Jackson, Myanna

Jackson & Jaylen Nelson, Teen Summit

 Youth Panel Members.





Chatham MMRP Advisory Council & Standard Bank & Trust hosted a 4-part Free Financial Literacy Workshop Series at South Central Community Services, 1021 East 83rd Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619 on:

Saturday, September 13, 2014 11 am-1pm

Saturday, September 27, 2014   11am-1pm

Saturday, October 11, 2014         11am-1pm

Saturday, November 15, 2014     11am-1pm

Topics covered were: Budgeting, How to

open and maintain & checking & savings

accounts, understanding your credit report

debit cards, credit cards.


*Special thanks to Eiran Feldman of

the Chatham MMRP for seeking to host

Financial Literacy classes in the Chatham

MMRP Area.


*Special Thanks to Ms. Mary Morstadt &

Ms. Deb Grad from Standard Bank & Trust

For presenting Financial Education courses to the Chatham MMRP Area.


* Thanks You to Dr. Felecia Blasingame

Executive Director & Mr. Darryl Shelton,

Community Relations Officer of South Central

Community Services for the use of their





Chatham Avalon Park Community Council

2014 Board of Directors wishes you and

Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

on Thursday, November 27, 2014.                


CAPCC Health & Wellness Chairperson

Robert Beck offers a 12 week “Get Healthy

For Life” Series at Mather More Than A Café

 For more information:

Please contact Mr. Beck at 1-866-272-1215

Or e-mail him at Sign Up

and Get Healthy For Life.


    Kudos to 6th District Commander Fred Waller &

    Staff . We appreciate what you and your staff

    do to address our Quality of Life Issues and

    reduce crime in our community.

    6th District Police Department is located at

     7808 South Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60620.

    The 6th District Service Area is from 75th Street

     to 95th Street, Western Avenue to the Illinois

     Central Railroad tracks.



Congratulations Ms. Shirley B Spriggs from

The Chatham Avalon Park Community Council

            Board of Directors on her 2014 Crescent Moon

            Award from Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

            Upsilon Sigma Chapter, Inc.  on Saturday,

            November 22, 2014.


            Thank You Ms. Beedie Jones, Manager

            & The Mather More Than A Café Staff at

             33 East 83rd Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619.

             A Venue that provides Quality programs

             Good food and great ambiance for our

             Chatham residents & surrounding com-

             munities. Stop in and Learn How to Age

             Well. Live, Learn & Enjoy ! For more info

              please call 1-773-488-2801.



Upcoming CAPCC Event:

Medicare & You, Medicaid Expansion

The Market Place Open Enrollment

Trusts, Wills & Estates Workshop

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Chatham Avalon Park Resource Center

7927 ½ South King Drive

Chicago, Illinois 60619

1pm  until 6 pm



Next CAPCC General Monthly Meeting/

Christmas Party will be held on Monday,

December 8, 2014 at Urban Partnership Bank, 7801 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60619, 6:30 pm until 7:45pm.


It’s 2014, Many Prayers for the families

of Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown.

WE NEED CHANGE, We can change the World.

 African American, Hispanic & Asian lives are important and valuable. Is it JUSTICE OR JUST US!! ARE THE LIVES OF PEOPLE OF COLOR NOT AS IMPORTANT? Please tell us how you

feel and work toward positive change peacefully and collectively. We must sit at

the table and continue develop fair and equitable laws and policies that are color

blind. The World is diverse, all lives are



CAPCC Board of Directors keeps the family

of Thomas Wortham IV in your prayers. The

verdict was GUILTY on both individuals that

contributed to his death. The Chatham community will never forget you Tommy.

           Our lives were enriched by your presence,

           participation and service. You lived a purpose-

           full life. You were a blessing to your family,

           friends, neighbors and the Chatham community.


Please support your local businesses and create economic development. Small businesses

provide jobs, provide quality products & services

and contribute to the tax base in our community.


CAPCC wishes all of our residents, business

& stakeholders a Very Merry Christmas Holiday

&a Safe Healthy & Prosperous 2015.


CAPCC is seeking volunteers for the James

Worsham/Grand Crossing Postal (Advisory

Council). For more information please call the

CAPCC Office at 1-866-272-1215.


For more information on how you can join us,

Please call the CAPCC office at 1-866-272-1215.




Keith O Tate                               Maryellen Drake

President                                     Executive Vice                                   



Addressing Quality of Life Issues, Is What We Do”  

                                                                                     Established 1955                                                     

                                  7927 ½  SOUTH KING DRIVE

                                   CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60619





             News Brief provided by the CAPCC 2014 Editorial Staff.
























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