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Youth Resource Guide Vol. 2: Summer Programs, Jobs and much more!


*Students receive community service hours*
April 12th @ 11:30am

Meeting Location:

9147 S. Jeffery Blvd.=C2=A0

Hosted by Keiana = Barrett and Community Leaders

Apr= il 14-18
Safe Haven spring break locations will p= rovide students with a safe environment, educational workshops and meals during th= is year's spring break, the program is offered April 14th-18th from 10AM-2PM.

-Keiana Barrett
7th War= d Locations:King of Glory, 2314 E. 83rd Street, 773.375.3537New Nazareth, 7933 S. Yates, 773.731.4747New Spiritual Light, 7566 S. South Shore Dr= ., 773.374.8373Nu Grace Nu Mercy, 7783 S. Exchange, 773.382.1723South Shore UMC, 7350 S. Jeffery, 773.7526233
City of Chicag= o Locations: Click here for City of Chicago locations
One Summer Chicago
One Summer Chicago (OSC) connects young people to summer = jobs, internships and training programs being offered throughout the City. Throug= h OSC, young adults have the opportunity to learn job skills, develop their resumes and explore career interests.

More Information:
After School Matters
(ASM) administers youth programs across the city, includi= ng a summer pre-apprenticeship employment program for teenagers aged 14-15.=C2= =A0 Participants receive a combination of academic training and professional sk= ill development from skilled instructors who focus on teaching both the hard sk= ills (e.g. technology, business, science, art or dance) and the soft skills (e.g= . problem-solving and teamwork) necessary to function in the workplace.=C2=A0= CHA annually contracts with After School Matters to ensure that a designated nu= mber of slots are available for CHA youth.

More Information:
Department of Family and Support ServicesSummer opportunities that serve children and youth across the city o= f Chicago. Programs include Arts & Culture, Sports, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Computer, Science & Technology, Career Exploration in Green Industries, and Mentoring.
City Colleges of Chicago Programs
Programs that focus on education, academics, social and cultural enrichment activities for high school students and graduates. Also, for chi= ldren and youth, classes in arts, music, dance, language, science, computer liter= acy, physical education and swim.
More Information: or 312.553.2500
Chicago Park District
Recreation, sports, arts, teen summer sports leagues that include baseball, aquatics, and basketball.
Cook County = Forest Preserve
Educational and recreational programs based out of six centers throu= ghout Cook County. Additionally, three outdoor water parks that provide activitie= s children and youth.
More Information: or 800.870.3666
Check out the website above to find out how you can earn money, both= as a stipend and to help pay for college, while learning valuable skills and providing much-needed services in thousands of communities.
The Chicago = Area Project
The Chicago Area Project (CAP) is a, not-for-profit organization wit= h a distinguished history and demonstrable track record of over 75 years of wor= k in delinquency prevention and service in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Th= e original mission of CAP has not changed since its inception:To work toward = the prevention and eradication of juvenile delinquency through the development = and support of affiliated local community self-help efforts in communities wher= e the need is greatest.
Chicago Publ= ic Art Group
Log onto the website for information about paid internships painting mural art in low-income communities.
More Information: or 312.427.2724
Jobs For Youth
Jobs for Youth helps young men and women from low-income families be= come a part of the economic mainstream; and, in the process, provides the busine= ss community with motivated job-ready workers. Jobs For Youth is a free progra= m for teens and young adults ages 17 to 24.
More Information: or 312.427.2724
Job Corps
Click on "Young Adults" to find out more about this intensive, live-= in program for youth, ages 16-24. Youth are provided training, education, allowance, and job placement for up to a year after the program.
=C2=A0More Information: or 312..596.5400=
National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability
This national site is a source for information about employment and youth with disabilities. Just click on the "Youth Developmen= t" section in the top right corner.
More Information: or 773.476.3534
Mikva Challenge
Mikva Challenge develops the next generation of civic leaders, activists and policy-makers. We do this by providing young people with opportunities to actively participate in the political process, because we believe that the best way to learn leadership= and to learn democracy is to experience both.

More Information: or 312.863.6340
Youth Service ProjectYSP has many youth-focused programs, including training, referrals and placement. Contact the agency for details.
More Information: or 773.772.6270
Community = Violence Prevention ProgramThe Illinois Community Violence Prevention Program is a collaborative effort of public and private agencies that provides pro-socia= l opportunities to youth and parents in underserved communities.
CVPP program components work to empower youth with job training, strengthen social skills, and increase parent leadership within communities.

More Information:
Digital Yo= uth Summer JobsThe Digital Youth Summer Jobs program provides teens in the five Chi= cago Smart Communities with employment opportunities in technology, as well as enhancing their resumes and skill sets.
= More Information:
Little Black Pearl
Little Black Pearl is a thriving nonprofit serving youth in on Chicago=E2=80=99s south side. This cultural arts center provides opportunit= ies in art, culture and entrepreneurship to youth, adults and families across Chicago.
More Information:
Open Book
Open Book is one of the programs of the Institute of Positive Living. Open Book is a multifaceted after-school program for young adolescents in which participants are engaged in activities that encourage = the development of reading, writing and critical thinking skills.
More Information:
YMCA of Metro Chicago
The mission of the YMCA of Metro Chicago is to develop strong children, families and communities across Metropolitan Chicago through acad= emic readiness, character development, violence prevention, fitness and healthy living.

More Information:

The Steans Family Foundation Summer Youth Employment
The Steans Family Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 Summer = Youth Employment Program to support North Lawndale schools and Chicago non-profit agencies and businesses that provide meaningful summer employment or intern= ships to the youth of North Lawndale. The Steans Family Foundation invites curren= t schools or academic/social support/enrichment grantee organizations to appl= y as the lead placement organization for the Summer Youth Employment Program.
Illinois YES
The Illinois YES (Youth Employment for t= he Summer) program provided temporary work for eligible young adults who are 1= 4-24 years old, unemployed, underemployed, low-income parents and young adults.
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