Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Question Bridge: A Dialogue Amongst Black Men

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Question Bridge: Black Males is a platform for black men of all ages and backgrounds to ask and candidly respond to questions that are rarely discussed in public. Question Bridge: A Dialogue Amongst Men aims to represent and redefine the black male’s identity in America. We invite established and emerging black males in the community to discuss concepts of Understanding Black Masculinity, Marginalization, Provide & Protect: The role of Black Men in today’s World, and the Powers of Communication. This is a challenge to dismantle communication boundaries between the generations while exploring the identity and socio-economic issues as a model for understanding the complexity of being a Man. Purchase Tickets from EventBrite. For more information: 773 947-0600 Ext 255.
Moderator: Kendall D. Moore. Mr. Moore is a weekly radio host who show’s content includes national and local politics, community mobilization, arts and entertainments.
Guest Lecture Dr. T. Hasan Johnson: Assistant Professor at Fresno State. Ph.D. in Cultural Studies Department. M.A. degree in African –American Studies. B.A. degrees in Philosophy and Africana Studies.
Guest Lecture Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu: Has been a guest speaker at most universities throughout the U.S., and has been a consultant to most urban school districts. He has authored 36 books including national best sellers, Black Students: Middle Class Teachers; Keeping Black Boys Out of Special Education; An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne’s Poverty Theory; Raising Black Boys and Understanding Black Male Learning Styles.
Guest Panelists also include:
Professor George Bailey: A faculty member in the English Department of Columbia College Chicago. He teaches Writing and Rhetoric I and II, and American Literature in that department as well. He has develop’ed courses titles such as “The Slave Narrative as Documentary,” “Blues as literature,” and Postmodern Black Culture,” “Graphic Narrative: Words, Image, and Visual Culture.
Ja’Mal Green: is a young entrepreneur from the south side of Chicago.
Jedidiah Brown: National President Young Leaders Alliance is a coalition of leaders, accepting the challenge of changing our communities by assuming the role of leadership, addressing the issues and ills facing our generation.
Ronald “Kwesi” Harris: Is widely known for his dedication to engage, embrace, educate, enlighten, empower, and encourage African Males to succeed against the odds. As Director of the African American Male Resource Center of Chicago State University (CSU), his skilled approach has resulted in one of the highest African American male student retention rates in University history.
Runako Jaji: Artistic Director of eta Creative Arts Foundation, Theater Director, Playwright, Performer, Acting Coach and Poet.
The QUESTION BRIDGE: Black Males Exhibition and Programming is sponsored by Allstate


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