Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Important Crime Alert!

Neighbors and stakeholders,
A new trend is arising in the area on beats 323 & 624, off Cottage Grove a few blocks east and west - Theft of Catalytic Converters! This is happening overnight, with the theives crawling underneath parked cars and using manual and battery powered hack saws to remove the converters and make good their escape in the dark of night. The theft renders the victim'd car inoperable!

The whole process can take as little as 3 minutes, maybe even less! A good number of victims and the witnesses, say they heard minor noises outside that they didn't feel the urge to investigate, nor call police on. These are pros doing the stealing and the work incredibly fast and efficiently. One such theif we caught in Englewood had 12 other converters in his van which were stolen in the previous 2 hours of his being caught. Lucky for everyone he was observed by a very intrepid neighbor who responded to the noises, observed the culprit in action and gave a full description to the police via 911, including the license plate of the van which was propmtly located and the perpetrators arrested.

This trend of crime is occurring at a rate in which 1 out of 4 neighbors will know someone from their immediate circle as a victim. This means you, or one of your 2 next door neighbors, will become a victim in about a year's time. That's an extremely high rate of victimization.

This trend of crime can only be abbated by strong and vigilant neighbors, like the one mentioned. We must look out for each other - RELENTLESSLY! That's a fact!

What do YOU intend to do?

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