Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dept of Procurement Alert - The Clean Slate Initiative for Chicago Youth

The Clean Slate Initiative for Chicago Youth
The Clean Slate Initiative (HB4084 and SB978), legislation introduced in Springfield, will break down the barriers to opportunity by requiring the state to automatically clear certain juvenile arrest records every year.
  • A mere arrest - even if no charges were filed - can impact a youth for the rest of his or her life.
  • Having an arrest record can block a young person from jobs, housing, scholarships, and college - critical opportunities that every youth deserves.
  • Youth can clear their arrest records, but the process is complicated, time consuming, expensive.
  • Just expunging one arrest can cost up to $164, not including paying for any legal services.
  • Just last year, only 400 people successfully cleared their records - yet there were 21,000 juvenile arrests.
Do you believe that young people who are arrested but never charged deserve a clean slate?
If you agree, sign the online petition at cleanslate
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