Friday, April 11, 2014

Basketball Camp






(Come improve your shooting mechanics and understanding of the rules)



When:  (Mon.-Fri.) begins May 12th at 3:00pm, ends May 30th    

Where: 361 e. 85th St.

Ages: 9-16 (13-16yrs. start at 4:30pm)  

Cost: $10 per child

Contact: Gene Morgan (312) 747-6063 

Required: must sign up for a CPD account (we can help) before you can register with us.

Awards: all participants will receive an award









For more information about your Chicago Park District

or call (312) 742-PLAY or (312) 747-2001 (TTY). 

City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor

Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners

Michael P. Kelly, General Superintendent & CEO                     


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