Friday, April 10, 2015

This Sunday

I had a simple request yesterday from Mark Burnett, creator of The Voice, Shark Tank, The Amazing Race, and Survivor.

"Would you help us get the word ou that A.D.:The Bible Continues was last Sunday's #1 show? "

I watched last week's first episode and was so moved by the beauty and power of the story. I think this might be one of the greatest opportunities for main stream America to discover the love of Jesus AND witness the importance of the Christian Church.

Would you please post this on your church, organization, and personal Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook networks:

"America made #ADTheSeries Sunday night's #1 show!!! Tune in to @nbc 9/8c for Jesus' Ascension & Episode 1 Encore 8/7c"

If you can't post it until after the weekend, please post this:
"#ADTheSeries is Sunday night's #1 show!!! Tune in to @nbc each weekend through June for the next story from Acts."

If you post anything, please send a link back to show it and I'll have Mark and Roma send a thank you video.

Episode 2 airs this Sunday 9/8c on NBC and America will witness the much anticipated Ascension of Jesus.

Also, in case anyone missed it, catch up with the ENCORE PREMIERE of episode 1 this Sunday night, 8/7c!

It’s only getting bigger and better for the next 11 weeks.

​Jesus is coming back and America is watching!

Thank you!

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