Tuesday, April 14, 2015


                            Givers & Takers                           

                       (Hope for Life) by Steve Ridgell

      The world is made up of two kinds of people:

      Givers and  Takers. This manifests itself in

      various ways. Watch the people where you

      work. There are those there to get a paycheck

      and those there to work. You see it with family

      reunions where some do all the work, and others

      expect for it to be done. Some people will go out

      of their way to help others, while some just assume

      everyone exists to help them. I see it in grocery

      stores and while driving. Givers and Takers.

     the problem with takers is that they can never be

      satisfied. They want everythin to be done the way

      They want it done. They let you know when those

      expectations are not met. They are so accustomed

      to getting things their way that they fail to even

      appreciate what is done for them. Takers  rarely

      think about what they can do for others. When they

      do give, the expect thanks and recognition. They take

      even when they try to give.

      Givers  have a difficult time asking for help, even

      When they need it. They even have trouble accepting

      help. It is very easy for a giver to be over-extended,

      exhausted and burned out. Who takes care of the

      care-giver ?

       Jesus is a gift for the givers, ordering their steps

       To selfishness to selflessess. So in Christ we learn to

       Take what we need and give what we have. Visit

       steve@hopeforife.org or join the blog discussion at



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