Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mahdi Theatre Company presents Chicago's Bronzeville: The Musical

March 2015 issue
Welcome from MTC
Mahdi Theatre Company
Welcome to the Mahdi Theatre Company (MTC) newsletter. MTC is known to produce and create "star" performers.
Many community artist who have embraced Mahdi Theatre Co. and worked under its direction, has progressed to many grand stages and film projects.
We are proud to announce that local talents can find a home with the Mahdi Theatre Company and can experience and learn the art of: vocal training, acting / dance techniques, movement flexibility, and overall receive a strong sense of performance identity, which has enable the artists to become multifaceted and well rounded.
A New Beginning for Mahdi Theater Company
MTC is comprised of committing our talents to excellence by fostering artistic programming, scholarship funding, thought-provoking productions, and eventually performing arts schools nationally as well as internationally.
It is the vision of MTC to continue with empowering our communities with an artistic culture that we can use to help us rise above our current tribulations into masterful thinkers and problem solvers, and to become socially responsible and dynamic revolutioniz-ers- through the exposure and use of the performing arts.
Our mission is to Educate, Elevate, Entertain utilizing the ARTS and to become a positive role model in the lives of aspiring and professional actors, actresses, dancers, singers, and other performing artists as a whole. Collectively, we are to use our God-Given talents to infuse a Cultural Revolution in the arts.
Our purpose is to foster, promote, and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the arts and cultural activities in Chicago first, and then nationwide through theater.
If you'd like more information or to join Mahdi Theatre Company, email Margaret Mahdi at * 312.835.1878
or visit
Mahdi Theatre Company presents
Chicago's Bronzeville: The Musical

Mahdi Theatre Company was the first theatre company to infuse and inspire Broadway Bound productions on the South-side of Chicago, beginning with THE WIZ-CHICAGO STYLE, then the company's original Broadway Bound musical, MY BLACK CHICAGO.

Margaret Mahdi, Mahdi Theatre Company 501c3

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