Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Please Call Judge Jerry Baxter at 404.612.3740 to Ask Him toReconsider Sentences for Atlanta Public School 12

Your phone call to Judge Jerry Baxter, Fulton County Superior Court Judge, might be the difference between freedom and prison for the Atlanta Public School 12 (APS 12). Please exercise your American right by calling Judge Jerry Baxter, and kindly and politely ask him to reconsider the sentences for the Atlanta Public School 12.
Judge Jerry Baxter
Fulton County Superior Court
He can be reached at 404.612.3740. We believe that he is a reasonable man and that he will respond quickly and positively to good Americans exercising their rights as citizens. Please ask your friends, family, co-workers and associates to also make the call. Please call 404.612.3740.

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