Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

"DPI - 60619"

Neighbors & Stakeholders,

As a part of our initiative to help fill the wide gap of grassroots level preparedness for serious emergencies and disaster, we have engaged administrators for the "C.E.R.T." program (Community Emergency Response Team) who have a comprehensive training program, complete with certification, for those seriously willing to fulfill a role. "CERT" does an extremely limited amount of free training, and there is a level of screening they must perform to meet decent standards. Pay attention to the 'skill sets' they are looking for, this is what makes the critical difference for us all.

Please look over this format and get back to me if you are interested. They're interested in doing a one time, 22 hour course, which roughly is two (2) 3hr sessions per week for about 4 weeks.

They are trying to raise a trained cadre of folks before summer.

Again, if you're interested, I need to hear from you a.s.a.p. Those interested, and attending tomorrow's monthly 'Network' meeting, can see me afterwards.

Thank you

Brad O. Redrick,

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