Thursday, May 14, 2015

Updated network meeting notes for May 2015

 Reunite Chatham, NFP
12 Blocks United


Dear Perspective Sponsor and Partner;




Reunite Chatham NFP has partnered with Ephphatha Lutheran Church for the Deaf to hold a Youth Summit.  Please join us in providing information and opportunity to the Chatham Community.  The Youth Summit will be held at Ephphatha Lutheran Church for the Deaf located at 7956 S King Drive, Chicago, IL 60619.  We have come together to make a small dent in the concerns of the Youth in our community and so many other communities in the Chicagoland Area.  We have a large number of unemployed or underemployed individuals in our area; Young Adults ages 16 to 21, People with Disabilities, Men and Women of all ages and background.  Some of them are in this position through no fault of their own.  We have pondered long and hard on how we can assist in changing this paradigm.  While we alone cannot change this, we can with partnerships make a dent in this concern.

Here is what we would like to do:

We would like to have actual jobs that the job seekers can apply for.  There are several employers that can send staff that have the ability to actually hire people on the spot.  We understand that background checks and other internal procedures will need to be done before the actual job can be secured, but imagine how much closer that job seeker will feel to get that far.  In most cases they never get a chance.  If your company cannot hire in this manner, then a manager that can get the job seeker to their first interview, gets them ahead of where they have been. 

We want to be able to listen to the Young People of our community and come up with plans that can result in or work toward solutions to the problems and concerns that they feel are placed in their way.  We want to be able to provide them with direction and resources that they often don’t know exist.  Sometime just having someone to enlighten them on what is available and another way to look at an obstacle is all that is needed to change a life and direction.

We also realize that some people don’t know they can be independent.  We would like to give them resources that are needed for them to be independent contractors or start their own business.  There is always more than one way.  Charles “Peanut” Tillman has volunteered to come and talk with the Young People.  This is an area that is near and dear to him and one of his primary goals under his Cornerstone Foundation.

We don’t want to stop there.  We then want to provide information in all areas of a community needs.  There is so much information that is available, but it does not funnel down to the bottom.  Many resources go unused or underutilized.  We want to be able to provide that information so everyone has a chance to maintain or better their lives.

As stated we cannot do any of these items by ourselves.  It will require the assistance of many.

If you cannot provide jobs or any of the resources mentioned but want to participate, you can.  We are not asking anyone, Youth, job seekers or companies to pay a fee to participate in this event.  Therefore, we will need donations to cover our costs and materials available to participants at all levels.  Your assistance would help make this event a success.

Attached is a Participation Form that we hope you will use to participate in this worthwhile and life changing event.

If there are any concerns or to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 312-618-4832.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Let’s change our neighborhood together.




Deborah A Foster-Bonner

President, Reunite Chatham





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