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Don't Believe HYPE / MC Lyte at King College / C.E.O. Exchange / Whole Foods' New Model ​

Building Generational Leaders TBTNEWS ALERT Don't Believe the HYPE! Black folks, we must change the narrative. Be a leader and stop following the m
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Building Generational Leaders
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TBTNEWS ALERTDon't Believe the HYPE!
Black folks, we must change the narrative. Be a leader and stop following the mainstream media's projection of black life; denounce the Sunday night, Monday morning crime reports delivered to the black community and the world. We do our community absolutely NO justice by continuing to highlight and profile the bad and ignore the wonderfully good things that happens every weekend. In particularly, the most recent weekends.
I attended several graduations over the last two weekends and I'll give commence addresses at two schools over the next several weeks. And when you drive down streets of Chicago, there are balloons flying high and limos parked out front of houses where emerging young leaders are about to attend graduations, and or proms. These last few weekends, there have been hundreds of high schools, grade schools and colleges that presented tens of thousands of young people who walked stages receiving diplomas and certificates of excellence with hundreds of family members and friends cheering them on.
Black media and black themed media have done more harm to create this negative narrative about black lives than even mainstream media. We expect mainstream media, through decades of misleading, wrong and total ignorance of the black community all the together, to deliver the kind of negative content and images about our community. It's no surprise, coming from them. But we must expect more from minority media than what's being presented.
We once had positive images delivered to us by the Chicago Defender and Ebony/Jet, weekly, daily or monthly. But now black media and its personalities seems to get more buzz from the insanely negative and distorted images of beautiful black people everywhere. They ignore the very men and women (guardians) who are raising those same kids going on proms and graduations from institutions like Urban Prep, Betty Shabazz, and Noble Charter, along with the thousands of Chicago Public Schools who are in the process of organizing massive graduations throughout the city. And stats show that CPS and other schools have seen graduation-rate increases.
Why has mainstream media decided to now focus their shortened man power coverage on black crime? Ask yourself that question. Will you? Reports show that national crime is down nearly 35%. And Chicago, we should be able to remember when in the 80's and 90's, the yearly violent death notices ranged in the 800 - 950 number (400 - 450 today). Black folks got very little to no media coverage, compared to what we're getting today. This goes with my Publisher's Peace yesterday; this inclusion of negative black life in the media is meant to dilute the minds and destroy the mental capacity of a people who've seen enormous gains across this country. The Negro struggle is noted and respected.
These negative violent crime projections distributed 24/7 is used to halt or slow down the growth of black lives. It's mainly used to change the narrative in our community that we can't live in harmony and peace. Which, if you're smart, intelligent and practical, you know that black lives matter, and we currently live respectful and productive lives - every day. It's also used to contribute to the middle-class' reasoning of rejecting and turning their backs on black youth - the very people who we say are our most important investment and asset.
We need not have to explain our existence on this planet to anyone! The only people we should answer to is our children. They didn't choose to enter this world, the parents made that choice for them. Therefore, our youthful black children are the only people that matter. We owe then, not the general public, who look to see us in compromising positions, and our ancestors struggles devalued. Don't believe the HYPE! - Carl D.West
Holly Copeland
Robert Meier
Jillian Anderson
Goodcity Chicago Welcomes New Board Members
The Board of Directors of Goodcity Chicago is pleased to welcome three new members to the leadership of our organization. Each of these individuals bring incredible experience, expertise, and a passion to making a difference in the city we call home. Help us welcome them to the Goodcity family.
Jillian Anderson is an Advanced Consultant with Gallup, advising leading global clients on leveraging customer engagement, employee engagement, and strengths-based development to effect comprehensive organizational improvement. She is a graduate of Cedarville University (BA in Organizational Communications) and Miami University (MA in Speech Communication.)
Robert Meier is the Owner/Operator for Chick-fil-A at Chicago's State & Lake. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Finance), Robert was a former Director and Consultant for AArete and an Analyst of Huron Consulting Group.
Holly Copeland is the Associate Director of Public Affairs for Horizon Pharma plc. She once was Deputy Director for the Office of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology at the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. She was also COO for State of Illinois under then Governor Pat Quinn. She's a graduate of the University of Illinois (BBA in Business Administration) and Washington University in St. Louis (MA in International Affairs, Political Economy).
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MC Lyte
MC Lyte - hip hop royalty - will perform with the King College Prep ​Jazz Band on Saturday, May 30th for their annual spring concert. As you know, Ben Washington is an outstanding band director who has developed an amazing group of talented musicians. We'd like to pack the house - especially those of us who fell in love with hip hop many years ago.
Lyte’s LEGEND album, released April 18, her first in over eleven years, merges the classic sound of what made her popular in the beginning together with the new, edgy, compelling sounds of the 21st century. Lyte's first single, Check, is a classic display of MC Lyte’s lyrical swag wrapped in a beat reminiscent of the underground hip hop movement destined to please the most devoted of Lyte fans.
Together with the assembly of 10 amazing musicians, this project aims to put the edge, truth and melody back into Hip Hop; hence, the second single release, Dear John, charted on the billboard and met instant rave reviews. LEGEND is a perfect combination of what WAS and what IS and it’s ALL MC Lyte . . . current but still way ahead of her time. LEGEND is available at independent record stores nationwide at www.mclyte.com.
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ted santos
Ted Santos
Contribution Correspondent: Ted Santos
When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing absolute knowledge.” – Albert Einstein
While most people may imagine that Albert Einstein was very intellectual, his quote sends a very different message. Einstein was an inventor. In fact, he invented knowledge. Many of the advancements in science and technology stand on his shoulders. However, the gift of fantasy may mean that mathematical formulas may have been secondary to him. His ability to imagine an outcome was primary and may have been his greatest gift to society.
The ability to fantasize about the end first instead of the process to get there is more valuable according to Einstein. Many people spend an enormous of amount of effort thinking through the process of accomplishing a goal. That method is arduous because it requires you to always have to solve the problem before you know the outcome. If you know the outcome first, the process may be very different and be wrought with less problems than it at first appears.
For example, imagine you are speaking to a group. Instead of figuring out what you want to say to them, have the desired result in mind first. What do you want people to think when you finish speaking? What actions do you want them to take after hearing you? How should they feel? If you understand those outcomes first, it becomes much easier to prepare what to say. Create your fantasy first and become an inventor of new and satisfying outcomes.
What do you think? I’m open to ideas. Or if you want to write me about a specific topic, connect through my blog www.turnaroundip.blogspot.com.
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BUSINESS BRIEFWhole Foods Tries New Model
Whole Foods Market Inc. said it plans to start a sister chain of smaller stores aimed at younger shoppers, a move designed to fend off growing competition that has fueled investors concern about the natural-foods grocer’s outlook.
Whole Foods said the new chain will have lower prices, cost less to run and be “hip, cool, and tech-oriented,” co-founder and co-Chief Executive John Mackey said. He wouldn’t provide details such as the name, how many stores the company plans or when they would open, but said Whole Foods is currently signing leases and will share more specifics some time this summer.
Whole Foods says the new stores will be complimentary to their existing brand, targeting a different type of customer: millennials who are too cost-conscious. Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, says it will be a "uniquely branded store concept unlike anything that currently exists in the marketplace" with "value prices ... a modern, streamlined design, innovative technology and a curated selection."
The news comes just as the company disappointed investors by missing its profit estimates for the second quarter and by reporting lower than expected same-store sales. But Anthony Dukes, a marketing professor at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, says the announcement may have more to do with combating stigma than with any current revenue figures.
"Whole Foods has come under criticism for having high prices, the famous 'Whole Paycheck' idea of Whole Foods — charging prices that a lot of people can't afford," says Dukes. "And that's not been particularly good for Whole Foods' image." He points to automaker Toyota, which launched its Scion car line to shake its baby boomer image and appeal to younger consumers with less money to spend. Scion works, says Dukes, "because it successfully differentiated from Toyota."
Our unofficial poll in several grocery store parking lots gave us two good options: Wholer Foods and Half Foods. Of course, the company could just riff off its ongoing joke, and call the new chain "Half Paycheck." - NPR & MG Media
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