Thursday, May 14, 2015

Updated network meeting notes for May 2015

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbors & Stakeholders,
The meeting location was changed due to scheduling conflict with St. Mark Manor. New Life Covenant's Resource Center was used as a back-up on emergency, last minute notice. We thank them for their courtesy and living up to being a true community partner.

Last night's meeting concerned our strategy going forward, nothing drastic from what we've been doing, simple positive networking towards violence prevention;

  • Heightened awareness & communication among stakeholders & neighbors.
  • Relationship building across neighborhood boundaries.
  • Increased Police board lobbying and Court Advocacy.
  • Increased CAPS meeting attendance.
  • Increased, strategic "positive loitering attendance".
  • Increasing our collective witnessing of services & important community meetings.
  • Continued partnerships among local stakeholders, faith .based, community organizations & concerned citizens.
  • Support local events like "Midnight Circus & Movies in the park" this summer.
  • Give base support to "Antonio's Response".
  • Development of a multi source network Newsletter.
  • Establish connection to the University of Chicago "Crime Lab"
  • Continued CAPS advocacy for "Beat Integrity" police service.
  • Continued advocacy of a "79th street foot patrol mission".
April 22nd Community CAPS meeting (held during months when no 624 CAPS meeting is held )Last month's Community CAPS meeting finished with a appeal/suggestion form CC Edwards that we organize another "know your officer" out door Police/community cook-out to strengthen relations. She felt very strongly this was needed to create the atmosphere we want for a neighborhood turnaround. Earnest plans to execute such an event will resume at next meeting in June.

Also, "Antonio's Response" will launch soon, announcements to be made regarding all preparatory matters and questions.
We are engaging the Wabash Club about a possible Jazz in the Alley neighbor event for National Night Out in August. TBA.
Our partners with Re-Unite Chatham, in collaboration announced;

  • Youth Summit -.May 23rd, 10a-3p, 7956 S. King Dr.
  • Landlord Training - Chatham Fields Lutheran Church, 81st & St. Lawrence, June 13th, 9:30-11:30.
  • Home-buyer Fair - Ephphatha Church, 7956 S. King, 7-8:30p


  • Be on lookout for announcements on the Police Supt.s "listening tour". Be ready to produce quality questions and suggestions in a quest to improve community/police relations.
  • 006th District Block Club Convention, Saturday June 20th, 10a-2p, Simeon H.S.
  • Juneteenth Picnic preparation & execution., June 13th, 10a-5p, Grand Crossing Park.
  • National Night Out preparation & execution. TBA.
  • Fall Clean & Green, TBA.

FAQ - What is :Juneteenth Picnic"? It is a local grassroots 'positive networking' gathering of cooperating block clubs, concerned citizens, business proprietors and church reps to gather and build a traditional event in remembrance of the Juneteenth celebration of the end of slavery 150 years ago and the establishment of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.
The upcoming Juneteenth Picnic calls for us to again pool resources and communicate beforehand. Donations of food and volunteers to help manage resources and schedules need to be finalized at this time. All associates are asked to state your intentions to facilitate coordination asap. We're looking to have our best event ever. This year we have an informational tent on the forgotten meanings of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment. This is a presentation not to be missed!
We hope to answer any and all questions asap. The event will be here before you know it.

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