Thursday, February 26, 2015

Job opening: Regulatory Implementation and Guidance Specialists

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Good afternoon,
Our team is now accepting applications for Regulatory Implementation and Guidance Specialists. We’re looking for experienced professionals to join us in our efforts to facilitate the implementation of newly issued rules and provide regulatory guidance and support. Applications will close on the date of receipt of the 400th applicant or March 4, 2015; whichever occurs first.
The Division of Research, Markets & Regulations (RMR) is responsible for bringing an empirical, data-driven approach to regulating consumer financial markets. As a Regulatory Implementation and Guidance Specialist in the Office of Regulations, you will directly advance our mission by engaging in a variety of activities to foster regulatory compliance and provide support and guidance for the understanding and implementation of the Bureau’s regulations by industry, consumer financial service practitioners and intermediaries, and other stakeholders.
Candidates must have knowledge and understanding of and experience applying or interpreting consumer financial protection laws and regulations, strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to translate and clearly explain regulatory subject matter to external audiences. Ideal candidates will also have an understanding of the operations and internal systems or processes of financial institutions or other entities subject to the Bureau’s regulations and experience in advising or training others on the implementation of or compliance with consumer financial regulations.
Take a look at the Regulatory Implementation and Guidance Specialist position to learn more and apply.

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