Monday, February 16, 2015

It’s time to invest in Chicago!


Dear Resident ,
Over the course of the last 77 days, I had the opportunity to meet with and listen to over a thousand residents, business owners and community organizations about the specific needs and challenges facing Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods.
From Ravenswood to Englewood, I learned something of value in every community. Each visit produced thoughtful conversation focused on local investment opportunities and ways the City Treasurer’s office can better serve all residents.
One thing was clear, despite their location on the map, many Chicago neighborhoods share the same concerns: the need for investment, access to capital and more opportunities for local entrepreneurs and businesses. Chicagoans are in need of a banker, investor, and an ADVOCATE. My team and I have already gotten to work!
In fact, read today's Crain's post about my proposal to change the way our local public employee pension funds do business to try and save more than $50 million annually.
I am also asking for your support at the polls on February 24th. I am honored to serve as your Treasurer and look forward to being hired by the people of Chicago.
Click here to find your early voting location. Find your polling place for Election Day here.
Kurt Summers
Treasurer, City of Chicago

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