Monday, February 9, 2015


Lesley Chinn, Park Manor
Five-point plan would increase efficiency, convenience for City workers, Chicagoans
Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer released the following statement in response to the continued widespread issues that face the city after every severe snow storm:
“This time of year, snowstorms can be fun political fodder for candidates. But political games aside, at the core of the issue is that we as a city must come up with a plan for more effectively dealing with major snowstorms.
“This is not about any particular administration or elected official--it is about addressing Chicago’s real challenges on these occasions.
“The City’s past attempts to avoid inconveniencing citizens have resulted in higher costs to the city and homeowners and extended periods of frustration.
“As such, I’m recommending a 5-step revised approach to snow removal in the 6th Ward and city-wide.
1. When a storm is predicted for over 10 inches of snow in the neighborhoods, the City of Chicago can declare a catastrophic snow event.
2. In the case of a catastrophic snow event, all drivers should be advised that until the end of the day following the first 24 hours of the storm, they may not park on the west or north sides of residential streets.
3. On the following day, cars may not be parked on the east or south sides of residential streets.
4. The City of Chicago is barred from placing a boot on any car during the period of a catastrophic snow event.
5. Cars that have not moved by the designated time will be relocated by the city of Chicago in the same manner as when there is a street emergency.
“By following this plan, residents and homeowner associations will know they can plan to dig out just once from a snowstorm, and City plows and trucks can fully clear streets without having to navigate around sitting vehicles.
“This plan resolves the issue of drivers who have to dig out their cars multiple times from the same storm due to snow plows creating snow ridges on top of their vehicle.
“This plan should dramatically increase the efficiency and lower the cost of snow removal.
“The only real loser in this situation will be the concept of ‘Dibs.’”
Ald. Sawyer is available for interviews on this snow plan. Please contact Brian Sleet (773) 458-8019.

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