Monday, February 16, 2015

Is meditation effective?; Engineering new tissues; Immune system variations; T cells on patrol;

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Woman sitting on the beach at dusk meditating.Meditation: What You Need To Know
Learn what meditation is and what the science says about its effectiveness. (From NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine)

Stem cells forming a 3-D structure that can respond to light.Engineering New Tissues and Organs
How can you mend a broken heart? Or repair a damaged liver or knee? Explore innovative ways scientists are fixing faulty organs and tissues. (From NIH News in Health)

Portrait of mixed race twin sisters.Shaping the Immune System
By analyzing twins, researchers determined that most immune system variability is due to environmental factors, rather than genes. (From NIH Research Matters)

A cytotoxic T cell attacking a cancer cell.T Cells on Patrol
Watch a cytotoxic T cell take out a cancer cell right before your eyes in this cool video. (From the NIH Director’s Blog)

Man smiling and eating a bowl of fruit. Popular NIH Health Topics
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