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Chicago, Il.,  February 13, 2015--The child care funding crisis has parents, providers and children scrambling for options.  Many centers have closed already.  Others are scheduled to close at the end of this month.  Parents are in a frenzy looking for answers on what to do and how long will this crisis last. Unemployment is rising due to severe layoffs.   The latest information from the Governor is that he and the legislators are working on a solution but to expect payments for  services provided in January, to be paid out  in March.  These delays are expected to last until July.  Most will not survive!


“My students are beginning to ask me, where am I going to go?  I heard my mommy say I won’t be coming to school anymore,” says a teacher from a local day care center.  According to the teacher, students are beginning to understand the uncertainty of their future and it has them frightened. To ease some of the anxiety, she had her class create cards to Governor Rauner for Valentine’s Day with a common sentiment asking, where is the love for the children? 


February 14, 2015 a press conference will be held at 5610 W. Lake @ the Town Hall where State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford, parents and providers will be in attendance.  Over 1500 child care centers (serving over 90,000 children)  have vowed to walk out on next Tuesday (DOOMSDAY TUESDAY) in protest of the stagnant state of child care funding.  According to a spokesperson for Child Care Advocates United (CCAU), “This is a last effort appealing to the general assembly to restore the funding before we all close our doors for good on February 21st due to lack of funds to meet payroll for the end of the month.”  Both centers and home care providers have their hearts in the right places but without the funds, they cannot provide quality child care, according to CCAU president, Gicele Wray-Lindley


On Tuesday, child care facilities will stand in solidarity across the state with kids in tow, marching in protest at 10:30 am at nearby parks.  The local Aldermen are supporting this effort and assisting with disseminating the locations for the DOOMSDAY Tuesday WALK OUT to all centers in their areas.  Aldermen realize this started as a state issue but the local cities will be widely effected by people not showing up for work at the hospitals, doctors offices, hotels etc., due to the lack of child care.  “The trickle down effect is going to be widespread and crippling to the economy,” according to one Alderman.


Parents and providers are keeping a watchful eye on measures being taken over the next few days before the Governor’s budget address on February 18th.  While it is understood that the current governor inherited this catastrophe, people are confident that Governor Rauner is a child care advocate and will do the right thing.  



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