Monday, February 24, 2014

The Cost to the African American Community For Doing Nothing 2014 Reminder


The Cost to the African American Community for Doing Nothing

* The Fabric of our African American Family Structure  is being 

   compromised and destroyed.

*  Diminished Quality of Life 

* Unhealthy living conditions increasing in the African American 


* Bullying , Domestic Violence  and youth violence on the rise.

* Unsafe environments for our families.

* Lack of moral values, core values,  no respect for authority or elders.

* 70% of those incarcerated are African American , we

  only make up 13% of the population.

* Parents burying african american males in record      numbers .

* A bleak employment outlook for our youth

* A 57% high school drop out rate, more uneducated

  youth on the increase.

Retirement funding ( social security , medicare) scheduled to run out in the next decade or two due to unemployment and mis-management of funds.

* Fewer full-time employment opportunities for youth

* Mental illnesses on the rise, due to environment.

* African Americans  are the new face of criminality , where ever  we move we bring the criminal activity with us.

* Prostitution of our young ladies under 18 , risings in  unbelievable numbers. ( Being recruited by classmates, friends, older family members and gang members.) Lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

* Health related deaths increasing in the African American Community( diabetes, high- blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc.)

* Homicide rate for African Americans triples the homicide rate for caucasians .

* Sexual related diseases on the rise, due to lack of knowledge and lack of medical visits.

* Life span due to homicide has increased 65% for those  under 40 years of age.

* Difficulty to create a family legacy, when there are no

   young people to leave it to!!

* African Americans have payed  a serious price for doing nothing!

*  African American community property values decreasind due to crime and the economy.

*  African American businesses struggling to survive, due    to crime and lack of patronage.!!


      We Must Save our Communities

      Block by Block !!  Let bring back our

   Basic Core Family Values & Core Quality 

   of Life Standards.                       

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