Monday, February 24, 2014

C.O.W. Candidate Forum

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Ok, good Neighbor,
Our grass roots continues to grow this Saturday as a forum for Political Candidates is conducted at House of Hope. The flyer is attached to this document. This is a call to come out strong! Voting and Elections are on the way this coming month. A community renaissance, or collapse, is on the way. The choice is in our hands, quite literally.

This is a time to eliminate all excuses for why not to be involved, and get up and out to fulfill our roles as productive citizens by participating in what has been organized for our own betterment. People have worked hard to produce this forum and the least we can do as responsible residents, neighbors, citizens to show up and listen, observe and be a part of what's going on. See and hear our leaders, both elected and volunteer, in action. Hear what those who seek to replace them think they can do. It's really our duty to so so.

Habari gani? - Candidate's Forum Habari Gani! One of our basic functions is critical mass support of grassroots influence on our neighborhood. Now's the time to come out in mass. Our "Positive Network" objectives are supremely served in this situation. Impacting 2014 starts here, now that most of our previous meetings have been wiped out due to weather.

We hope to sit together with any cooperating neighbors from our area and lend to spirit to neighborhood collaboration and unity in the community. So please do the right thing by being a part of the process so vital to us turning things around in our neighborhood. Please be there.

Hope to see you at the House of hope. Look for our banner

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