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10 Things All Young Black Men Should Know; Support The Black StarProject;

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The Black Star Project's
10 Things All Young
Black Men Should Know
Trayvon Martin, right, with a baby boy.
1) Know that you are a young Black man in America and that means you are different than other Americans. While you can still realize your dreams, you might have to take a different path. You will have to be more careful, more thoughtful and more aware than others to survive in America.
2) Value education, learning and reading. The more and better you can read for understanding, the freer and more powerful you will become.
3) Work hard. Many times, it is not what you know that makes you successful, but instead consistency, persistence, effort and dedication. Be sure to just "show up".
4) Respect women and girls. They hold up half the sky in our communities. Together we can accomplish great things in our families and communities.
5) Believe in something higher than yourself. Whether its religious, spiritual or philosophical, connect with and explore the larger universe and eternity.
6) Emulate strong, positive, intelligent Black men. Use them as your mentors and role models.
7) Be a leader! Exhibit courage, wisdom, vision and good decision-making skills to help your community improve. You are a natural leader. Others will follow your positive and righteous actions.
8) Respect and work with other young Black men to accomplish great things for your community. Teams of young Black men can accomplish what individuals cannot.
9) Study your history and culture. You are not alone, ever.
10) Choose positive peers, associates and friends. Those relationships will help determine your path in life.
For Black Male Achievement Week - February 2014
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If you know of another organization doing as much or more than The Black Star Project to educate Black students and develop Black families, you should support that organization financially as we go into the new year. If you do not know of another organization doing this work, please support The Black Star Project.
Dear Friend of Progress:
This is a great time to invest in the success of Black students, and all students, in American schools. Our victories in 2013 included many efforts to build families, develop communities, educate students, create jobs, reduce mass incarceration and mentor young Black men. In order for us to continue to grow and to be effective, we need your support now more than ever. Your investment in our work can be deducted from your income taxes to the fullest extent allowable by law.
Some of our accomplishments in 2013 include:
  • Organizing 1 million men in more than 630 cities across America to take their children back to school on the first day with our Million Father March 2013.
  • Managing 22 free Saturday University sites throughout Chicagoland that improved the reading and math skills of more than 350 students.
  • Providing mentoring, motivation, inspiration and guidance to more than 13,000 Chicago-area students through our classroom-based Student Motivation Mentoring Program.
  • Hosting the first Mass Black Male Graduation Ceremony for several hundred graduating Black males from high schools across the Midwest featuring Thomas N. Todd and Lupe Fiasco as keynote speakers.
  • Hosting the Young Black Men of Honor College Fair for more than 1,000 college bound students featuring 50 of the top colleges in the country.
  • Hosting our Fourth Annual Daddy/Daughter Valentines Day Dance for 50 fathers and their daughters between 4 and 14 years old.
  • Hosting 3 Take A Young Black Man to Worship Day at about 200 churches, mosques, temples and synagogues around the country.
With your support we can accomplish much more. Please become a member of The Black Star Project today and help us continue our nation-leading work in the area of creating better students, better parents, better families and better communities!
Phillip Jackson
Executive Director
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The Black Star Project
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When Blacks were released from slavery, freedman schools sprung up in churches! When Blacks boycotted segregated schools in the north and south of the United States, freedom schools sprung up in churches! There is no way that schools in the 21st century, by themselves, can ever educate the masses of Black children in America without help from faith organizations. Will your church help by opening a Freedom Saturday University? The Black Star Project will share all that you need to be successful.
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We have 20 free Saturday Universities operating in Chicago and in the west and south suburbs. Please call 773.285.9600 to open a Freedom Saturday University in your church, to register your child for free academic enhancement or for more information about bringing the Saturday University to your community. We need teachers and tutors for our sites. Please call 773.285.9600 to volunteer.

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