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What's Blocking Black Women / UChicago Vascular Screenings /Motivating Youth Leaders

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE Truth Be Told (Part 20) Dear LGBT, after all the advancements made by one of the most powerful alte
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dubb / MG Media
PUBLISHER'S PEACETruth Be Told (Part 20)
Dear LGBT, after all the advancements made by one of the most powerful alternative lifestyle groups in America, the black community needs your help - badly. The LGBT family has been able to establish yourselves as a committed and influential group that makes corporations and organizations shake in their boots.
You've risen to the top of the food chain, after being kept in the closet for decades. Today is your day. No one dares to challenge your selective lifestyle publicly, and escape without backlash. How in the heck did the LGBT brand become so strong?
TRUTH BE TOLD, your well-oiled machine took pages from the Civil Rights Movement; and decades later the LGBT alliance has created a powerful industry within itself. It's now time for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender membership group to show their appreciation to the black community and its past freedom fighters by standing up as aggressively for the mistreatment of black men in this country as you collectively do when someone insults one of your devoted members. Please lend your loud voices to denounce this unjust. It's a must! Especially if America ever wants to see a more perfect union...
As I think about the position of black people in this country and how many have experienced mental and physical abuse at the hands of authority for decades, it seems that all the advancements have been for not. Maybe extremely successful black professionals, athletes and entertainers will disagree with me, but that's expected. They may have traveled down the urban hood road at one time in their lives, but after winning the lottery; and or working hard to gain wealth and acceptance, they have exited the realities of black life, for the most part.
TRUTH BE TOLD, Integration destroyed the black community. The days of supporting your neighbor and shopping within your community, as well as helping to make each block as strong as its home owners or renters, is a distant thing of the past. The mentality of black people has completely changed. From my research, life was so much better for blacks before the Civil Rights Movement's proved inclusively successful. When the so-called Negro progressed into mainstream America, most blacks who've advanced rapidly, left their once flourishing communities for what they believed was a better life - amongst the very people who once harassed and threatened them...
I was recently talking to someone whom I considered to be the smartest and wisest woman that I (know). She triggered something internally that made me stop and rethink my current professional objective. She asked me what was my short-term goal as the owner of an online media company. I went on to give her a brief outline, and she then said something that struck at my gut.
TRUTH B TOLD, what she said caused an immediate reaction that instantly reprogrammed my mental thought - even before she concluded. She said expressively, "You should focus on being the LEADER in your current space. Nothing less! You should take over the CONVERSATION in media and force people to meet you where you are. If you own the brand, then you should command the attention as the owner of the brand. Many more powerful voices are needed to narrate the black experience. But if you've been blessed to do so, then you should do it with great force and unapologetically," she stated...
The public will meet this amazing and thoughtful woman. We discussed doing an all female Q&A so mainly women can hear her voice and feel her passion for life. After our two-hour long inspirational chat, I'm a better man than before we talked. This is a normal transformation for me each time I connect with her multiple times per year. I'm never the same afterwards. (Sandra Finley, see below) Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
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Crowds gathered for "Go Red for Women Expo" at Union Station
Rupa Mehta Sanghani
Rupa Mehta Sanghani
UChicago Medicine Provides Screenings
The University of Chicago Medicine screened almost 400 men and women during the 4th Annual Go Red for Women Expo, held at Union Station’s Great Hall. The May 29 event included blood pressure and BMI checks along with cholesterol and glucose testing and counseling.
“The community expo was a wonderful opportunity to reach women that need it most,” said Rupa Mehta Sanghani, MD, assistant professor at the University of Chicago and director of the University of Chicago Medicine’s cardiac rehabilitation program. “We were able to provide one-on-one risk stratification and counseling on the basics of cardiac risk prevention, including knowing your numbers, diet and exercise. These women came because they wanted to make a change and were able to start on their path to good heart health.”
More than 100 people also registered for Dare to C.A.R.E. screenings provided by UChicago Medicine. The free program provides screenings to identify people who may be at risk for four common vascular diseases so they can receive treatment early when it’s most effective. Cardiovascular disease is the leading health issue in America today, but many of the conditions associated with it can go undetected until they cause serious illness or death.
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Finley Sandra
Mrs. Sandra Finley
TBTNEWS COMMENTARYWhat's Blocking Black Women
Special Correspondent: Sandra Finley
To understand how well professional black women are faring in the workplace, you need only look at the abysmal statistics reported annually as the “gap” between white and black women in corporate leadership. Black women working to build their careers struggle to avoid being forced into the gap by institutional practices that effectively suppress their career development. With the exception of a rare few outliers, most are trapped in the lower regions of the corporate pipelines, off the critical leadership grids for succession planning.
For our newest survey, Daughters of the Dream: Their Lack of Sponsors, Support and Promotions, the League of Black Women asked 273 professional black women—nearly 75 percent of whom hold advanced degrees—about their experiences as they try to cross the bridge to leadership opportunity at work.
More than 72 percent told us the greatest barrier to advancement was lack of sponsorship and access to senior leaders who can advocate for their advancement. As a result, 35 percent said they hadn't been promoted in five years or more.
Our survey reveals that the prospects for upward mobility for black women are grim—and that is a real problem for them and the companies they work for. Today, we still have just one black female CEO in the Fortune 500, Ursula Burns of Xerox. Women of color make up just 3.2 percent of corporate boards. In 2012, just 5.3 percent of black women were employed in managerial and professional roles, while white men made up 70 percent of executive teams and 68 percent of corporate directors.
Black women respond to the barriers by redoubling their efforts to reach for leadership opportunity by pursuing advanced degrees more than ever, and taking on the mounting debt that goes with them. However, lack of support for advancement, especially in positions with profit and loss responsibility, will impede ROI on work experience and those degrees. That affects long-term wealth creation if corporations continue to suppress the economic gains that would result from removing institutional barriers to leadership opportunity for black women.
ACCESS TO SPONSORSHIP: Interestingly, white men came in second (21.5 percent) behind other black women (41 percent) as most supportive mentors of black women. While mentorship is important, it is not the same as sponsorship—influential senior corporate leaders who publicly endorse proteges. We need access to sponsorship because it affords access to the protected privilege that powers the way corporate America works. To move up to leadership opportunity, that must be tapped.
Savvy CEOs will step up and send a warning to their executive reports. “Here's your bottom line: Black women with advanced degrees, the requisite number of years and manner of experience, are stuck in our pipelines while others advance around them. Eventually, we will lose them. And the business intelligence and competitive advantage that they distinctively contribute here, every day, follows them out the door to our competition.”
For companies, it comes down to this: If diversity and inclusion are such modern imperatives, why are black women so egregiously under-sponsored? It is illogical to expect talented, highly educated black women to remain anyplace that does not meet their leadership ambitions with deliberate talent development investment, access to executive sponsorship and a transparent measurement for success that supports the talent pool of succession planning.
The majority of our respondents said they do not share their career plans with senior leaders. Black women, for their part, must eschew outdated advice to keep our heads down, work hard and hope for the best. We are the best of the best, and we require the challenge and reward of leadership opportunities with critical assignments that will reveal that we are the women who have come to make the decisions that shape our world.
(Sandra Finley is President and CEO of the League of Black Women, based in Olympia Fields, Il.)
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fm supreme
FM Supreme
Motivating Youth Leaders
Correspondent: MG Media
This young woman has already traveled the globe on someone else's dime. Her voice, her energy, her enthusiasm, her leadership and her vision to bring together some of America's most inspirational young leaders for some intellectual chat time to figure out how to change the world. Her circle of influence includes some of the world's best seasoned young minds, who connect to collectively answer that question. When you meet her, you're drawn into her bubbly and spirited personality that leaves you wanting to help. And help you will.
FM Supreme is a rapper, poet and motivational youth leader. Her objective is to bridge the gap between the young and old and to use each group's capacity to transform lives and create forms of peace. She recently organized and produced a three-day confab called Chicago International Peace Movement Conference, and she attracted some amazing young leaders who are also just as extroadinary. The sharp tongue scholar and chatterer Michael Eric Dyson showed up as the conference's guest moderator.
FM is the new voice of America's youth. She was just selected by Chicago's mayor to head his summer youth initiative. FM has the persona and personality to lead not only the next generation of leaders, but she can advise some of today's most established and outdated leaders.
Supreme's wisdom is decades ahead of her time. She now only has the mountaintop to conquer and reach, because she has already taken over this space we call public service and leadership. Google FM Supreme.
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TBTNEWS REPORT5 Reasons to Host Content on Platform
Special Correspondent: Deb
I see so many talented content creators abandoning their own personal content platforms for other pastures. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use other platforms to share your content, but they’re better used as a secondary platform or as a platform for busy business owners who don’t have time or savvy to host and maintain their own content.
There’s a difference between business people who are looking to share expertise, and content creators who need a continuous platform to showcase talent and attract clients. Business owners use referenced platforms to drive traffic to their websites. On the other hand, content creators need to have their own content platform because content IS their business. It’s essential for full time content creators to have their own personal space to highlight expertise and grow community. Here are 5 good reasons to own platform:
1. All traffic comes to you - When you use another platform to host your content – whether it’s a publishing platform hosted by a brand like LinkedIn or Medium or a social network like Facebook – those platforms are getting the bulk of the traffic. Certainly they can send a good chunk of that traffic your way, but wouldn’t you like to have the benefit of ALL your traffic?
2. Your blog, your rules - You control what kind of content you can post, your blog or website design, whether or not you want to bring in advertising, and the tone and voice of your content. You don’t have to sign contracts or terms of use and you have the freedom to post as often or as little as you like.
3. It’s your community – not someone else’s - People on the web are fickle and have short attention spans. When they’re on a platform when other writers and articles are featured prominently, they’ll move on to another content creator’s work. Moreover, people become regulars because their a fan of your content and you as a person. This familiarity brings trust, and trust builds community.
4. You can monetize your own platform - You can use your content platform as the basis for many things. You can highlight your expertise, build your business as a content creator for hire, or find different ways to monetize via ads, sales of books, ebooks, webinars and courses, or other methods. The point is, you have the freedom to monetize …or not.
5. Pride of ownership - Content creators who use their own platform are more to post on a regular basis. They’re also more likely to share their content and use the URL on business cards, online bios and profiles, and other promotional material. Content creators tend to be prouder of something they built and maintained on their own. Moreover, you can sell your web property one day.
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