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Program For Asthma / WVON Supports Hales / Leadership Luncheon / RedBull Flying Bach

Program For Asthma / WVON Supports Hales / Leadership Luncheon / Red Bull Flying Bach
Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE We Should Be Angry! I mentioned in my most recent Works of Words that a few people stated that I so
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West, CEO MG Media
I mentioned in my most recent Works of Words that a few people stated that I sound angry in some of my writings. I reply each time - AND? Being angry has not stopped my progress. Actually, it has fueled my thirst for innovation and creativity.
History shows that any successful and game changing person was ignited through fear and anger. Heck, I wish my entire community were as angry as I am. I wish my so-called leaders were equally pissed as I am. I wish my black brothers would get angry and upset that we as a race of men continue getting screwed at every level by the hidden hands of power.
Are we satisfied with being reduced to second class citizens in most areas? Are we cool with getting less of everything, while we help (with our dollars) others get more of the good life? Is freedom that hard that we would rather starve and beg to survive? In most cases, we don't live like a free people. For those who may have forgotten or not realized it - WE ARE FREE!
What I'm most angriest about is that I'm witnessing with my very own (going blind eyeballs) a new generation (my peers) who have decided that freedom is too hard! Therefore, they would rather align themselves with the hidden hands of power to guide their thoughts and actions. These are capable and intellectually smart men and women who could accomplish anything on their own - with hard work, focus and commitment. But they seem more comfortable being told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. They want the hidden hand to direct them who to associate with. Who to dance with. Who to talk to. And probably who to love. Unbelievable!
So yes, my Works of Words can be quite angry in its tone from time to time! And I have every right to be frustrated or angry. I see my people living in systematic poverty and being subjected to systematic racism - which limit their abilities to rise from concrete jungles. Here is what's really heartbreaking: The common man doesn't have a clue, therefore he doesn't have a chance. Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
TBTNEWS HEADLINEWVON Partners With Hales Franciscan
WVON is proud to join Hales Franciscan High School on Friday, September 25, 2015, for Spartan Day, which is an all-day telethon and fundraiser in honor of Hales Franciscan High School. WVON’s weekday talk show hosts, including Matt McGill, Perri Small, Cliff Kelley and Art ‘Chat Daddy’ Sims will broadcast live from Hales Franciscan, 4930 S. Cottage Grove from 6am- 6pm. Many of Chicago’s education, business and civic influencers will join the live broadcast throughout the day.
Hales Franciscan is a nationally recognized not-for-profit, independent Catholic school that has serviced students for over 53 years. Named after Alexander of Hales, a Franciscan scholar, Hales opened its doors in 1962 as an African-American, all-male school. To make a contribution, go Hales' Go Fund Me campaign at Donations are tax deductible. To participate as a Spartan Scholarship Donor, call 773 285-8400. For more information, contact Courtney Scott at or 773.336.3455.
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cubs hbcu
Jonathan T Swain Photo
Jonathan Swain
Sheldon Smith
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Marcus Evans, Jr.
sharod gordon
Sharod Gordon
TBTNews Leadership Luncheon
On Thursday, September 24, MIDWEST GAP Enterprise will host a private luncheon to honor individuals who've made significant contributions in their preferred field of endeavors. TBTNews Leadership Luncheon was designed to salute emerging leaders in Business, Politics, Community Service & Education. This premiere award will be handed out each quarter of the year with a private gathering of the select honorees, their friends, family members and business associates.
TBTNews Leadership & Recognition Award will be presented to Marcus Evans, 33rd District Illinois State Representative (Politics); Jonathan Swain, CEO of Kimbark Beverage Shoppe (Business); Sharod Gordon, City Colleges of Chicago (Education); andSheldon Smith, The Dovetail Project (Community Service). Sponsored by Next Generation Leadership Council(NGLC), TRUTH 4 Literacyafter school mentor program and The TiTaNs: Prophetic Thought Leaders.
MIDWEST GAP ENTERPRISE is the parent company to MG Media, a marketing and communications company, TBTNews, the leading digital news and information media outlet and The TRUTH hip hop digital magazine (Launching in October, 2015). For more details, contactPam Sims, Director of Business Development, MGE at 773.339.5379 or email midwestgap.pamsims@gmail.
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Anna Volerman  MD
Anna Volerman, MD
HEALTHY COMMUNITIESUChicago Physician Develops Program For Asthma
Asthma is the most common chronic health condition for children, and it leads to about 10.5 million missed school days and 1 million emergency room visits each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Black children on Chicago’s South Side are two to three times more likely to be diagnosed with the disease and have worse outcomes. TheUniversity of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM) honored Anna Volerman, MD, assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics, with one of this year’s fourNational Institutes of Health (NIH) Career Development (K) Awards to create a comprehensive school-based program addressing childhood asthma on the South Side and evaluate that program’s ability to improve children’s health.
From prior research and her own experience, Volerman said she knew that schools represented a missed opportunity in disseminating information and services. In 2014, Volerman worked with Monica Vela, MD, associate dean for multicultural affairs, to launch a health and wellness partnership with the University of Chicago Charter School, where 40 percent of students have a diagnosis of asthma or symptoms suggestive of it. While previous work in this area has been aimed mostly at closing the gaps in a specific area, Volerman said that she’s trying to develop a systematic approach to asthma care in the school to have a broader impact on asthma.
“There’s no magic switch to flip, but we hope to develop a model for how a school can effectively care for children with asthma,”Volerman said. “If we can impact their care, we can bring this to other schools in Chicago, and other cities that face disparities in asthma.”
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TBTNEWS HEADLINERed Bull Flying Bach Brings Dance Crew to Chicago For Three Perfomances
After countless performances around the world and six sold-out shows in Chicago last summer, the celebrated and distinguished dance crew The Flying Steps and Red Bull Flying Bach will return to the U.S. for an exclusive engagement. After a groundswell of ticket sales, the tour will add a Sunday matinee performance to the two already-announced dates at the historic Chicago Theatre on September 25-26.
We get it: You’re thinking, “Uh, Bach and breakdancing don’t go well together.” Well, the four-time breakdance world champions The Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel would like to prove the contrary with their breathtaking performance, Red Bull Flying Bach. Using an interpretation ofJohann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” the show combines Bach’s classical masterpiece with modern beats and clever choreography, dazzling audiences while they shift the borders between classical and urban culture.
Tickets can be purchased by visiting The Chicago Theatre box office, all Ticketmaster outlets and Ticketmaster phone charge (1.800.745.3000), as well as online at and Also you can contact Live Nation's Jon Reens at 312 540 2187 or For media inquiries, contact Ernest Wilkins at 312.397.0990 or or Brinton Flowers, Flowers Communications Group at 312.228.8821.
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