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Michael LaFargue For 9th Ward Alderman - Meet and Greet August 21,2014 -

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sharon Pincham

P.O. Box 288302 Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: 773-999-9934 • Fax: 773.821.8929 •




I am Michael LaFargue.

I want to be your 9th Ward Alderman.

Having been a Roseland resident for 22 years, the attached

photos show my rich history of community work. In 2013/2014

many 9

th Ward neighbors received my “Neighborhood Watch”

signs seen in the attached photos.


Do my priorities match yours? On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10

(highest), rank the importance of each priority. (Fax/email/mail)

___ To operate in openness, honesty, commitment, transparency.

___ To represent all (bottom to top) & work to understand needs.

___ To host Town Hall meetings where constituents are a part of


the planning and decision process before during and after

___ To support our Public Schools, advocate for an Elected School


Board, parental involvement, a school closing moratorium…

___ To lead the charge for a safe, secure, crime free Ward.

___ To advocate for youth by addressing violence, education, jobs


and overall support services.

___ To be an Union and Collective Bargaining supporter.

___ To be a job creator and advocate for raising minimum wage.

___ To consult with and collaborate with constituents prior to the


use of 1.) TIF Funds 2.) Discretionary Funds and 3.) Zoning

___ To address environmental protection issues, vacant house,


vacant lot, and other building issues in a collaborative spirit.

___ To maintain working relationships with public officials.

___ To advocate for business and construction development.

___ To advocate for mental, medical … facilities in the Ward.

___ To advocate for the Red Line Extension and area


___ To advocate for a Historic Pullman National Park.

___ To advocate for a CSU Presidential Library.

___ To advocate for minority jobs and work force development



th WARD:

We have smart, talented, civically active people in the 9

th Ward.

Many of which are ready to collaborate in building the Ward north

to south - east to west.

We want the 9th Ward to be,

“A Great Place to Live and to Raise a Family.”


• West Chesterfield Community Association, President,

Developing Communities Project: Red Line Oversight Committee,

• 95

th Street Panel of Development,

• Rosemoor Community Association,

• Southeast Environmental Task Force,

• Greater Chatham Alliance…


• Illinois Institute of Technology, MBA-MPA

• Chicago State University, BS Business

• Quigley South Preparatory Seminary High School


• Regional Transportation Authority (Marketing)

• International Business Machines (Representative)

• US Equities Realty LLC (Facility and Property Management)

Please contact us

for information, to volunteer, donate….


Mayor Harold Washington with Jenny and

Michael LaFargue of the Conference of

Minority Transportation Officials.

Mayor Daley & Michael LaFargue, Garfield

Park Conservatory Facility Manager.

Michael LaFargue, Volunteer Olympic

Judo Instructor at St. Benedict the

African Church.



Dr. Wayne Watson CSU Pres. and

Michael LaFargue at CSU Civics Event

Real Estate Management

•Stony Island Plaza: 14 Acres

•Willowbrook Tech: 12 Acres

•Plainfield Center: 15 Acres

Facility Management

Compass/Cler Facility Team

Mgr. for 200 Chicago Public

Schools: CPS Regions 5 & 6

Michael LaFargue with Gary Gardner

Rep Marcus Evans and membership.

M. LaFargue w Sign, Supports Fr. Pfleger

Stop Guns March in 2011.

Photo: S.Valle,


Tuskegee Airmen and Michael LaFargue (Kneeling) Award

Students Participating in a Three Day Non-Violence Event.

Senator D Trotter, Representative E.

Sims, M. LaFargue, Friends of the Parks,

Millennium Reserve, South East

Environmental Task Force and

Openlands Meet about Lake Calumet.

Michael LaFargue Gifts Neighborhood

Watch Signs to Communities as Altgeld,

Roseland, Pullman, Golden Gate etc.

M. LaFargue & Ed Gardner

at Public Building Commission

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