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Friends of the Parks News and Events

August 2014

Parks, Murals, and the Greenest Street in Chicago Trolley Tour: September 7
Join Friends of the Parks for the "Parks, Murals, and the Greenest Street in Chicago Trolley Tour" on Sunday, September 7. Hop on the trolley with Friends of the Parks for a tour of some neighborhoods where Chicago "grew up".

Park enthusiast Tom Drebenstedt will be talking parks, arts and community while discovering where Hardscrabble and Pilsen were born, raised, and now lead our city into the future. On the tour we will visit the last remnant of the Illinois Michigan Canal, where the canal's original mouth is found at Canal Origins Park. See Jens Jensen's neighborhood park design at Dvorak Park. Enjoy the colorful murals and public art in Pilsen and see Chicago's greenest street: The Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Streetscape. Following the tour we will have lunch at a local Pilsen restaurant Fogata Village.
Parks, Mural, and the Greenest Street in Chicago Bus Tour
Sunday, September 7
Bus departs 16 N. Wabash at 10:00am
Ticket prices:
$50 Friends of the Parks member
$55 non member
$80 membership + tour
Lunch and transportation is included in the tour

Public Art in Public Spaces Lecture
The September 11 Walter Netsch Lecture Series will take us into the art world! Chicago based artist John David Mooney will talk about Public Art in Public Spaces and what inspires him to create the large scale public art installations we enjoy. Have you ever wondered what the inspiration behind the Spiral Galaxy at the Adler Planetarium was? Now is your chance you learn more about it!
The artist's entire public portfolio is to enhance the public good. His visionary artistic solutions change not only the urban landscape for the common good, but also the rural environment and the preservation of nature. Always ahead of the times, his generosity of providing solutions of beauty and efficacy of use has helped us all and changed the city for the good.
Mr. Mooney will present some of his past visionary plans for Chicago including the transformation of Navy Pier from a shipping facility to a full blown people place. He will show his proposal for Chicago's first green roof, and a monumental one at that. Likewise, he will present his designs for a personal rapid transit vehicle for Chicago.
Mr. Mooney's art nurtures both Man and Environment. Topics which he will cover:
"Where Art can take energy collection to new levels"
"Where Art can take a town off the electrical grid."
"Where Art can be the driving force to help sustain the environment."
Walter Netsch Lecture Series presented by Friends of the Parks
A Discussion with John David Mooney on Public Art in Public Spaces
Thursday, September 11, 2014
12:15- 1:00pm
Chicago Cultural Center
Claudia Cassidy Theater
78 E. Washington Street

While Friends of the Parks supports the building and expansion of museums, attractions, schools, senior housing and other institutions in the City of Chicago. However, it is a troubling trend that these facilities are increasingly proposed within our valuable parks and public open spaces.

Friends of the Parks is very supportive of the Lucas Narrative Arts
Museum coming to Chicago, we oppose its siting on lakefront public open space. The Lakefront Protection Ordinance specifically states that, 'in no instance will further private development be permitted east of Lake Shore Drive'. It is clear that the siting of the Lucas Museum in this lakefront location contradicts our
prior city visionaries' goal of continuous public open space along the lakefront. Such a siting of the museum contradicts the Lakefront Protection Ordinance and our city visionaries' goal of continuous public open space along the lakefront.
The Lucas Museum is the most visible and time-sensitive challenge to our city's public open space.
  • The site is NOT just ugly parking lots
  • The open and accessible character of the lakefront is Chicago's most valuable natural asset
  • There are very proximate, viable (event better!) alternative sites for the museum at the Marshalling Yards or the vacant Michael Reese Hospital site
Given the established health, recreation and quality of life benefits associated with natural and open spaces, Chicagoans need to work together to protect our parks and public open spaces from the pressures of development. Chicago, ranking 14th among a total of 18 large U.S. cities when measuring public open space per resident, lacks sufficient parks and open space for residents and visitors. Further, there are many alternative development sites which would serve to catalyze broader economic impact in neighborhoods throughout the City.

There is a long road ahead in preserving and protecting our public lakefront,parks and open spaces and we hope you will take the next step with Friends of the Parks. Now is the time to SPEAK UP! Please call the mayor, your alderman and oppose the proposed siting of the Lucas Museum and support moving it ½ mile south!.

Park Events Calendar
If your park has an event they would like Friends of the Parks to promote in the September calendar please email a description of your event to Maria Stone by September 2. Please use the following format:
  • Date
  • Event Name
  • Park name and address
  • time of the event
  • cost:
  • 2-3 sentence description
  • Contact information
If you have a flier or graphic you want to include please send it in a jpeg format.

FOTP Accepting Nominations for Volunteer in the Parks Awards!

The 2014 Volunteer Awards Reception will be held on Saturday, October 25th from 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the Dunning Read Conservation Area (4200 N. Oak Park Avenue, Chicago, IL 60634)
Each year, Friends of the Parks awards individuals and groups who have most improved their local park or forest preserve. Please help us celebrate these special people who make our parks and preserves great by submitting a nomination form today!
  • Award categories:
  • Community Group
  • Individual Volunteer
  • Park Advisory Council
  • Stewardship
  • Outstanding Park District Employee
  • Outstanding Forest Preserve District Employee
  • Smoky Sakurada "Friends of Friends" Award
Nominations are due by September 19th. Please email Mary Eileen Sullivan your nominations!

Friends of the Parks is a thirty-nine year old nonprofit parks advocacy group whose mission is to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the use of Chicago's parks and public open spaces. We advance our programmatic, educational, and advocacy work with the support of our members, donors and volunteers.

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