Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
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Neighbors and stakeholders,
As mentioned in earlier emails, a small group of us from Chicago attended the Neighborhoods USA (NUSA 2015) conference on neighborhood concerns in Houston, Texas last week. One of the sessions we attended wash a workshop on Disaster Preparedness with Houston's top officials on the subject. By the time we got home, narrowly avoiding a Tornado touchdown, we turn on the TV to see those very officials conducting press conferences on the flooding disasters, still in progress as we speak.
What was the number one lesson we learned at the conference concerning Emergency /Disaster preparedness? - Build Resiliency and Proactive Partnerships!!!
I don't know what else to tell you, folks!
This month's orientation was scheduled to focus on what we learned in Houston and what Lt. General Honore asked the community to do when he came to Chicago state in 2013 - BUILD RESILIENCY! That can only be done if community residents come forward and participate. Otherwise, suffering in an event, during and after IS GUARANTEED!
This is only a 45 minute session, every minute of it germane to our future well being in this city. Make sure that you or a highly trusted representative attend this session.
  • Anyone planning to attend who owns a real camera please bring it.
  • We have less than one hour to meet this month, please be on time.
  • We're trying to build a tradition of RSVP communication. Please help us. If you know you can't make it say something, and vice versa
Brad O. Redrick,