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A Black American Public School System?; The Great Black MaleRead-Off; In Honor of Rev. Dr. Webb Evans, Join the U.A.P.A. Parade;TheBlack Star Project Needs Your Support to Invest In Educating Young BlackMen and Boys

Black American Public School System
Great Black Male Read-Off
Mass Black Male Graduation
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A Proposal:
A Black American
Public School System
By Michael Holzman
June 5, 2015
Michael Holzman
The American education system has failed the descendants of enslaved Africans. Only 16% read at grade level in middle school (and only 12% of male African-Americans do so). Just over half of male Black students graduate from high school in four years (as compared to more than three-quarters of male White students). 21% of young Black women graduate from college, but only 16% of young Black men (compared to 31% and 30% for White women and men, respectively). As a result of this failure of the public schools to educate Black children, lifetime earnings are reduced on average by over a million dollars, or a total of $5 trillion for this generation of the descendents of enslaved Africans as a whole.
This $1 million individual reduction in lifetime earnings is a quantifiable, continuing, harm resulting from centuries of slavery and an additional 150 years of Jim Crow and its lingering effects. As such it can be taken as one component of the calculation of the figures for restitution.
While the average per student expenditure for Black students is less than $12,000, the amount spent on White students whose families are in the upper 20% of incomes can easily reach $30,000. Adding to that the amounts spent by those families on education activities outside of school hours-private lessons of various kinds, tutoring, educational travel-we can estimate the annual monetary educational disadvantage of Blacks students as at least $25,000. Given k-12 Black enrollment of seven million, the total annual shortfall is on the range of $175 billion.
If this $175 billion were available for the education of Black American children, how could it be used to eliminate the educational penalty for studying while Black?
One idea would be to utilize the existing legal framework underpinning the charter school movement to create a national charter school network for the American descendents of enslaved Africans: The Black American Public School System. These schools would be funded in each locality by the usual local, state and federal contributions, supplemented by a National Black Educational Fund (NBEF), capitalized with restitution contributions. The total per student expenditure would vary by locality, but would everywhere be sufficient at a minimum for universal pre-kindergarten; all-day, literacy-oriented, kindergarten; challenging, college-preparatory curriculum with after-school, Saturday and summer classes; highly effective teachers supported by on-going subject-area and pedagogical professional development; excellent facilities.
Use of advanced technology would enable geographically neutral delivery of resources, including administration, so that Black students in a small elementary school in the rural South would have educational resources equivalent to those of Black students in Northeastern and Far Western suburban Black American Public School System schools.
Graduates of the Black American Public Schools admitted to college would be provided with full tuition and living expenses. Others would receive support for job training, including apprenticeships.
Increases in Black high school and college graduation rates would result in higher Black annual and lifetime earnings, with consequent improvements in health, family and social life and childhood well-being in the Black community and increased contributions to governmental revenue at all levels. In this way, the education system, the deficiencies of which now drive the Black poverty cycle, would instead serve as a foundation for the prosperity of the Black community.
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On Saturday, June 13, 2015, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, at 3509 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois, The Black Star Project is sponsoring
The Great Black Male Read-Off
Top Prizes for 9th- to 12th-grade Black male readers
$250.00 for 1st Place
$175.00 for 2nd Place
$125.00 for 3rd Place
Top Prizes for 5th- to 8th-grade Black male readers
$200.00 for 1st Place
$150.00 for 2nd Place
$100.00 for 3rd Place
Top Prizes for 1st- to 4th-grade Black male readers
$100 for 1st Place
$75.00 for 2nd Place
$50.00 for 3rd Place
Young men will read passages from Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr., Vincent G. Harding or other great Black heroes from history.

You must register to participate in this event. Registration is limited. This competition is only open to young Black males.You must bring proof of grade level to enter this contest. Awards will not be given without proof of grade level.
Readers will be judged by a panel of educators, mentors and community members.

Selected winners will read to all of Chicago on The Parent Revolution Radio Show on WVON1690AM and at The Mass Black Male Graduation on June 20, 2015.

All prizes will be awarded at The Mass Black Male Graduation Ceremony on June 20, 2015, 10:30 am, Metropolitan Apostolic Church, 4100 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois.
Please call 773.285.9600 to register your young Black male reader for this competition of courage, skill and excellence. This event is open to the public.
In Honor of Rev. Dr. Webb Evans
Chicago, Illinois
12:00 NOON
Min. Rahim Eton (left) and the late, great Rev. Dr. Webb Evans (right)
Line up at 7900 S. Perry at 10:00am
Kick off at 12 noon
Parade Route: From 79th & Perry, West on 79th Street to 79th & Hermitage where we will have a rally and Vendors Market with live entertainment in the parking lot. Please call 773-846-3091 to participate or for more information.
Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen
Saturday, June 6, 2015 and
Sunday, June 7, 2015
11:30 am
The Ausar Auset Society
2108 E. 71st Street
Chicago, Illinois
Health scientists have known from ancient times that stress (negative emotions) is the leading basic cause of illnesses-from the common cold to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on. Given the fact that almost everyone in the world is stress ridden, stress induced illnesses must be given pandemic status. And because stress is the leading cause of brain damage, it is also the leading cause of failure in people's lives.
The failure to eliminate stress from the lives of people stems from the fact that the science of stress is based on 1930's information on the brain, and physiology. Stress Free for Life, by Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of Metu Neter volumes 1 through 7, Maat 11 Laws of God, and many other books, applies the spiritual wisdom of the ages to the latest findings in brain science and alternative medicine to bring to the public meditation methods, herbal and nutritional materials to heal and enhance the executive functions of the brain that were evolved by nature to transcend the primitive survival responses behind stress.
The book provides meditation techniques and scripts that the author has used to guide thousands for the past 40 years to heal, and achieve success in their relationships, and professional undertakings.
Eliminate stress and help yourself and others for the simple reason that stress elimination is programmed in man's genetic structures. It is a simple matter of gaining a scientific understanding of what you have done in the past to eliminate certain negative behaviors, and to apply them across the board everywhere else in your life.
Recommend a Black Male Elementary School Graduate, High School Graduate or College Graduate for The Mass Black Male Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, June 20, 2015 with Keynote Speakers Attorney James Montgomery and Hip Hop Artist Jasiri X. Call 773.285.9600 to register the young Black men at your school and in your life.
Will You Invest in Teaching Black Boys to Read?
In 2014, The Black Star Project received very little government or foundation funding for our programs to improve the lives of Black men and boys. But that did not stop us from being one of the leading organizations in the country working to nurture, save, educate and empower Black males.
Our programs over the past few years include the Million Father March, Daddy Daughter Dances, MLK Mentor Day for Young Black Men, Black Male Reading Academies, Math Boot Camps for Young Black Men, Mass Black Male Graduation Ceremony, College Fairs for Young Black Men, Take A Young Black Male To Worship and our Young Black Men of Honor Mentor Program.
Please become part of the solution to improve the lives of young Black males by investing in the work of The Black Star Project.
Just click the orange DONATE NOW button (or CLICK HERE) to make a positive difference in the lives of Black children, and children of all ethnicities that we serve.
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