Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's SHOWTIME! Will our community stand up for itself tonight?

What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"

Neighbors & Stakeholders;
Tonight is the Police board meeting at 3510 S. Michigan - 7:30pm in the multi purpose room. Citizens from Greater Grand Crossing South Shore and Woodlawn (Even Chatham) will be present to voice disapproval of the removal of Commander Glen Evans.

Without going into a dissertation I will say that Commander Evans was in the midst of having great success, as Commander the 003rd District, in leading it away from the violence and chaos it had drifted to in recent years. Most importantly he was getting it's officers in line, which was a tremendous benefit for the citizens who live here. I cannot express how deeply police service with be damaged by Cmdr Evans leaving at this time. He was just solidifying the relationships necessary for meaningful change in crime fighting. We should all be fired up and ready to speak out on this.

Trusted leadership from the community tell me that the reason for the commander's removal was due to a run in with one of these Pastors who wield disproportionate political power because city hall doesn't know how to establish proper connections with the African American community yet. These types of pastors have large congregations, 90% or more of whom don't live in the neighborhood. Inept politicians take these Pastors as legitimate "community leaders" (they are not) and essentially give them power over the geographic regions around their churches. The result is dreadful miscalculation!

That appears to be what happened here - a long needed police commander arrives on the scene in a neighborhood needing his leadership, he steps on the toes of a minister who wields improper (Chicago styled) political power and the community loses a hard fought, long sought opportunity to beat back crime & violence. This is one of the major reasons for the separation of church and state! This is what stinks about Chicago! It is why the Grassroots must rise and take it's proper position in city affairs.

Tonight I call on all leaders in the community who support Cmdr Evans and go to the Police board meeting and voice your displeasure with this nonsense! The strategy proposed by other community leaders, is for each group to have their own spokesman, less they lump everyone together and call on one "spokesman" for the whole mass. They need to hear that we are suffering from the chaos and need the strong leadership of Commander Evans. Also the revolving door of 3rd district commanders must end! We need stability here!

It's time for local leadership. Make sure your elected folks are going. Make sure YOU are there for critical mass. It's SHOWTIME!


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