Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chicago-land documentary

Neighbors and stake holders,
Some of the reasoning on why the powers that be removed our beloved Police Commander of the 003rd district may be revealed very soon on TV. Starting this Thursday night, March 6th at 9m CNN airs the 1st of an 8-part documentary - series (8 one hour segments) for consecutive Thursdays The series is known as "Chicagoland", which stars Mayor Emanuel, Police Supt McCarthy and Fenger High School Principal Liz Dozier.

Chicago will be showcased to the world and people will believe what's being presented here, from big bucks investors to criminals who may thing they can come here for the wrong reasons...The series claims it's telling the story of what's really going on in Chicago - to a global audience. In total it's 8 hours long - that's almost like 3 "Godfather" movies!

This is something we should pay close attention to and perhaps engage in lengthy discussions during dinner parties and World Cafe discussions after the series concludes.

One thing for sure is folks need to come up with a way to avoid letting trivia like "Scandal" and other unimportant, non essential material get in the way of capacity building information like this upcoming series. That means use the VCR, record scandal and watch it later or something, but do not miss the documentary.

Below are some links to give you an idea of what to expect from the series.

Like it or not - this is about us!

Make sure you pass the word and encourage people to see this and discuss it.


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