Thursday, October 25, 2012

UPDATE...What the Traveler Saw is 8 years old!/ Afro Am owned

What the Traveler Saw
OPPS! I forgot the channels for Will Horton's Show...
"The Greatness in You"
It is outranking many other programs.
Let's push him over the top ...and watch my interview too!
(see hours below) *
We're 8 years old on Halloween
scaredy cat
* Here are the channel listings.
WLS ch #7
HD #187
Livewell HD #217
Livewell SD #244/#345
WLS #7
Livewell #618/ #321
Wide Open West
WLS #7
HD #200
Livewell #219/#101


We actually opened a day earlier than our contract of Nov. 1, we are celebrating Halloween night at the first of our seasonal night markets. Come by on Wednesday for a cup of cheer.

And if you can, watch me on Will Horton's TV show "The Greatness in You",
this Saturday Oct 27th 9:30-10PM on ABC LIVE WELL-
and Sunday 5-5:30 AM. on ABC-7*
(see below for all listings)

And do let me know what you think...
But come on by Oct 31 and find a trick or a treat or two...

New Holiday Hours start now...
What The Traveler Saw

Tues-Sat. 11-7pm
Sunday 12-5pm
Come See What The Traveler Saw...
What The Traveler Saw
1508 East 55th St
Laurel Stradford

With a wish for seasonal abundance and happiness,
we invite you to share in our celebration.
Gift with...
every purchase of $100.00.
you will receive the poster of
Laurel in white skirt
The Woman in the White Dress.

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