Monday, October 22, 2012

Influenza Vaccine Walk-In Clinic

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Important Information
Alderman Michelle A. Harris
8th Ward - City of Chicago
8th Ward Alderman
Michelle A. Harris
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For more information
please feel free to contact my office at (773) 874-3300

Thank You!!!!


Dear 8th Ward residents, block club leaders and friends,
Hello 8th Ward
As you all know it is getting close to the holiday season! Which is also means it's time for flu season. I would like to give you all an opportunity to combat the possibility of influenza by attending a free walk-in clinic. Attached is an informational flyer for the Influenza Walk-In Clinic I'm holding this November 1 at the 8th Ward Office. I hope to see you all there.
Please contact my office at (773) 874-3300 if you have any questions.
Have a safe and healthy fall season!

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