Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Time for a Chatham Youth Mentoring Corps

Do you think mentors for the young people in our community would prove useful toward the development of our community. It would be productive if educated, skilled and trained men and women, seniors and middle-aged residents would reach out to the youth in Chatham, bring them under their wings and mentor them with internships and apprenticeships in business, the professions, athletics, the arts and sciences, beyond what they have learned in the school systems, and give them a stipend for their efforts and participation. Would you like to be a mentor for a few hours a week? It would cross the generational gaps with a bridge of trust, communication, and understanding to reach areas of common interests. Perhaps you would want to step up and create and lead a Chatham Youth Mentoring Corps. Let us know by leaving your comments on the comment line.

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JP Paulus said...

This is actually a good suggestion, that got buried by other posts....can you re-post this?

i will be happy to mention this on The Sixth Ward blog