Thursday, January 21, 2016

Enhance your community capacity with the Cook County Sheriff's SeniorLaw Enforcement Services.

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Dear Neighbor & Stakeholder,
Building greater community capacity in 2016
For purposes of the Greater Chatham Initiative and the overall improvement of our quality of life issues in the 'hood. we have some "Community Policing" services to share. When we talk about the kind of grassroots engagement we need to build important critical mass, this is one of the main things we can be invest our time in. Adults 55 and over are being urged to get involved with these programs;
Cook County Sheriff Senior Law Enforcement Services.
The Senior Services Department of the County Sheriff coordinates with law enforcement and other professionals in the community who specialize in meeting the needs of seniors through planning, education, communication, cooperative strategies, and supportive services. Their commitment is to reduce victimization and enhance law enforcement services provided to the county's senior population.
The Sheriff’s office provides specially trained staff to attend information fairs, advisory councils and community forums throughout Cook County. These officials provide a critical link between senior citizens and the criminal justice system, providing seniors with information regarding proper jurisdictions to file a police report or court documents, answering questions about jury duty or accessing various government programs and services.
Senior Academy.
The Academy is a six-week program designed to give seniors an overview of the responsibilities of law enforcement agencies in Cook County. The curriculum offers participants an in depth look at law enforcement agency operations, as well as specific crime prevention methods, including personal safety, gang and drug awareness, home protection and avoiding scams and con games.
Free Phones.
The Sheriff’s Cell Phones for Seniors program provides a free 911 Emergency Cellular Phone to Cook County residents, over the age of 65, who do not have a cellular phone. Sheriff Dart believes that ever senior citizen should have a cell phone as an extra measure of security as they are driving, taking public transportation or participating in outdoor activities. Individuals, local organizations and businesses are encouraged to donate their unwanted cell phones or sponsor a Cell Phone Drive to help support this program.
If you or anyone you know feel you would benefit from this programming, please contact me for referral to the local classes being organized this month.
Brad O. Redrick,

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