Monday, January 11, 2016

Breaking Bread" - Stopping the nonsense!

"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood
Dear Neighbor & Stakeholder,
All who remember Josephine Wade calling for help on 79th street with a press conference, please note that a significant process has developed. Beat 624, which is the virtual downtown of small business on the mid south side, has again closed the year (2015) as #1 in public violence homicides in the city of Chicago. All this after a miraculous summer slowdown due to direct action from a group of folks supporting the local 79th st. Corridor Business Association.

Now 2016 is upon us. As a result of the news conference, a group of folks sat down, every week since the conference, and hatched a plan to adversely impact the horrid homicide and violence numbers by forming an initiative which will call for "teamwork" within the community. It's called "Breaking Bread" and will focus on a type of mentoring, not called 'mentoring' so as to be 'fresh' in the minds of the youth it seeks to serve. We are on schedule to be rolling as the warm weather rolls in around April/May.

What is needed right now is for EVERYONE who knows an adult male who could contribute to this, on the street level, to bring them forward and direct them to the initiative's critical kick-off campaign meeting:

Tuesday Jan. 12th, 2016
Capt. Hard Times Restaurant
436 E 79th

Mass support is critical.

This is not the time for negative thinking, but positive support in that we the community can stop this awful trend by working together, by supporting an invention developed for us, by us! We intend to create further developments which will address the needs of YOUNG WOMEN as well. We start with the males only because they are the main source of the death and destruction right now.

ALL are asked to support these efforts. Many cannot and will not come out but can support the efforts in kind with donations of resources, etc. This is very focused right now (King to Greenwood, 75th to 80th) but will expand to get the job done as we develop strength, experience and expertise (momentum).

It's showtime, ladies and gentlemen. This problem is our's to solve. Time to put as much collective energy into stopping the nonsense in our own community, as complaining about anything else. Now, is we is, or is we ain't? That is the question!
Yours in fellowship--
Brad O. Redrick,

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