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Chicagoan of the Year: Laquan McDonald / Business Stories of the Year/ Happy New Year.....

Chicagoan of the Year: Laquan McDonald / Business Stories of the Year / Happy New Year.....
Building Generational Leaders TBTNEWS HEADLINE Chicagoan of the Year Contributing Correspondent: C.D.W. Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke fire
Building Generational Leaders
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Laquan McDonald, born, Sept. 25, 1997, died, Oct. 20, 2014
TBTNEWS HEADLINEChicagoan of the Year
Contributing Correspondent: C.D.W.
Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke fired 16 shots within six seconds of arriving on the scene that killed Laquan McDonald. These were the shots heard around the world. The global world at that. From these shots came what many in Chicago would not have imagined, because there have been many young black boys shot and killed by rogue cops in 2015, alone.
McDonald, the Chicago teenager was walking away from officers when he was shot. A bombshell video released a year after the incident revealed cold blooded murder, which sent an earthquake style reaction throughout Chicago. The audio also revealed the initial back-and-forth between a dispatcher and the officer who first responded, in which an officer requested a Taser.
These series of mistakes by law enforcement, and the alleged cover up by the mayor, city council and the state's attorney, has created a world-wide storm that has exploded into what most are calling this generation's Civil Rights Movement. The execution of McDonald has awaken tens of thousands of people from all walks of life, and from all of America's color scheme, to demand massive and swift changes in not only Chicago's police force, but departments around the world.
This young man lost his life senselessly and without just cause. This moment in history will be the single one occurrence, of course, along with others, that started the wave of protests, marches, rallies and calls for the mayor to resign and to be replaced with (whomever).
This is a defining moment in the new direction of Black Chicago. Time will tell the outcome, but from all accounts, because some changes have already been made; within the next two to five years, we'll all have this young man's death, as the catalyst for how we do business around 'my' town. Hopefully, if the hidden hands of power are smart - it will not be business as usual. Lets hope so.
Thanks, and Rest in Peace Mr. McDonald. And may God bless your family and other families of people who've lost loved ones through senseless nonsense.
Laquan McDonald's last moments after being shot 16 times
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Actor and comedian Bill Cosby is helped as he arrives for a court appearance Wednesday in Elkins Park, Pa. Cosby was arrested and charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in January 2004
Oakland is a city in Alameda County, California with a population of 390,724 and 20.5% live below the poverty level, which makes it one of the poorest areas
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Mr. Emile Cambry
BUSINESS AS USUALBusiness Story of the Year
This is two-fold. There is locally and globally. The local business story is easy: Emile Camby, founder and CEO of Blue 1647, who over the last year has expanded his technology incubator into other neighborhoods in Chicago (Englewood, Kenwood/Hyde Park) from his initial offering in the Pilsen community.
He also has assembled a great team in professionals like Wendell Mosby, Allyson Scrutchens and others, to open up shops in several locations throughout the Midwest (St. Louis and Minnesota). This expansion has been greeted with very warm welcomes. Camby's alliance with major tech firms including Google and Groupon, to name a few, only means that the next couple of years will see Blue 1647's internal and external programming contribute to building black tech educated communities world-wide.
Apple's new space ship style headquarters, which is due to open in 2016
There was a special interview with the CEO of Apple, Inc.,Tim Cook, and he revealed one the world's most amazing building projects in modern history. It was described by expert as one of Cook's signature innovation since taking over Apple after the death and its founder and God like figure,Steve Jobs. Apple is building a new campus. Here are 5 facts about the new Apple campus, which is referred to by many as the 'Spaceship Campus' due to its flying-saucer-like design. How big is Apple's new campus?
1. The new Apple Campus will be set in a 2.8 million-square-foot area.
2. That's a 176-acre site.
3. It will house more than 13,000 Apple employees in one building.
4. The building is more than a mile around.
5. There will be 300,000 square feet of research facilities and underground parking.

In addition to this new campus style headquarters, in 2014, Apple leased 290,000 square feet of new office space in Sunnyvale known as Sunnyvale Crossing. This space comprises seven buildings and will provide room for around 1,450 workers. It is located near to the new 'Spaceship' campus.
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Q & A: Prophetic Thought Leader Answers Readers Questions
Question: What do you expect 2016 to bring in terms of economic development and wealth building? - Lincoln Park
Answer: I'm always an optimist. I believe in the power of possibilities. With that said, I feel good about this new year and I really think that black people in Chicago, in particular, will make some significant gains in terms of jobs, more contracts and opportunities to start building relevant wealth. - CDW
Question: What global, national or local story either impressed or surprised you the most in 2015? - South Shore
Answer: First, locally, I can't believe how so many so-called smart people (mayor, city council,. state's attorney) can screw up something so damn bad. What's happening from the alleged cover up of the murder of a young man, has opened this gigantic Pandora Box, and the 'unfortunate' gift from this seems to be the gift that keeps on giving to the opposition, or the people who oppose Chicago's corrupt institution. Global.... maybe the fact that President Obama'stime in office is coming to an end. This became evident, of course, with the now aggressive campaigning by each of the 2 or 3 political parties scrambling for the White House. - CDW
CPD Recruitment Events: The application period for the next police test is halfway through, and the Chicago Police Department's CAPS Office will continue to schedule recruitment events up to the January 31st deadline. There are two recruitment events currently scheduled for January: Police Academy Open House is Saturday, January 9, 2016 from 10 am-2 pm at 1300 W Jackson Blvd..... Malcolm X Recruitment Event, Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 10 am-1 pm at 1900 W Van Buren. Take the test and become a Chicago Police Officer. Sign up:*.

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