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Teacher Town USA / Loop Capital Commits / Cong. Kelly Gives Grant /McD's Breakfast

Teacher Town USA / Loop Capital Commits / Cong. Kelly Gives Grant / McD's Breakfast
Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE How Long? As I look at the current condition of many urban communities and its potential long term
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media
As I look at the current condition of many urban communities and its potential long term future for real progress, I'm terribly upset at how some of these communities will probably never see any significant change.
For so long internal and external forces have used their power or leverage to ensure that resources and opportunities are diverted from certain black communities - at least until the hidden hands of power decide that it's time for urban transformation. Then and only then will corrupt government entities and elected officials, along with greedy developers pave the way for renovation in starving areas.
Look at the once dilapidated Cabrini Green area and other so-called projects or ghettos that were desolate acreage of poor and overcrowded housing. Today, after the hidden hands of power decided it was time to transform those hoods and make them progressive areas for middle to upper middle class mainly white intruders who wanted urban living without the once urban dwellers.
I don't even think that most white folks who moved into once strategic drug infested and crime laced communities actually knew where they were relocating too. They knew that they wanted in on new and progressive developments promised by, again, greedy investors who were in partnership with city officials who gave them access to raise the roof on new homes and anchor businesses that would spur migration.
This is all good. The question I have is 'how long' will black people be ignored for decades and then pushed out once greedy visionaries and innovators decide that now it's time to move them out..... to move the new in? 'How long' will the black elite remain silent as their elite peers from the other side completely dismantle communities that they actually once lived and grew up in?
'How long' will black elected officials allow outside brokers and sellers to infiltrate urban wards or districts that they represent to slowly force voters and non voters alike to be removed from their half a century family owned homes? And 'how long' will parents and other community leaders, along with, again, elected officials allow the system controlled by the hidden hands of power to provide our children with sub-par and failing schools?
Once these new intruders replace black life in some of these transformational communities, the power elite then decide that they'll fund good to great schools in once poor areas. This is no secret people. It's visible by everyone. They make these decisions and transactions right in front of our faces. But it doesn't matter, you're being pushed out anyway. Because what many will see happening, soon will be a visual in your rearview mirror. Then..... 'how long' will you even remember being given the middle finger? Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
Pioneers of Chicago House Music share their stories this Fall on WNUR’s Streetbeat Show on 89.3FM at Vintage House is a new show each Monday from 10pm to 11pm that serves as a tribute to the originators of the Chicago House Musicscene. The concept of Vintage House was first imagined by and is hosted by Lauren Lowery, Chief Archivist and co-founder of The Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation; an organization created to preserve house and dance music culture and ephemera.
Guest curator for the Month of November, DJ Lori Branch –one of the first female DJ’s on the House Music Scene in the early 1980’s –brings House Music heavyweights into the studio. Branch’s expertise and connections brings incredible insight into the history of House Music and rare personal stories on the early days of house. For more information on the Dance Music Archive, go to or contact Lauren at HouseMusicArchive.Org.
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bmoa breakfast 2
McDonald’s All Day Breakfast team gets fired-up to hit the streets and serve breakfast to Chicago
bmoa breakfast
The All Day Breakfast team surprised customers in a nail salons on the city’s south and west sides
Recently, McDonald’s announced nationwide the exciting news that they would offer an All Day Breakfast Menu to extended beyond 10:30 a.m. daily. In support of All Day Breakfast, the Black McDonald’s Operators Association of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana (BMOA) brought a special treat of their own to Chicagoland customers. As a Sweetest Day surprise, the BMOA visited upwards of 200 barbershops, beauty salons and nail spas across the city and treated stylists and shop-goers to a free breakfast. Additionally, to show their gratitude for all of the hard work in the community the local shop owners and workers contribute, the BMOA gifted capes, mirrors and other items of appreciation. This is just one of the many examples of how the BMOAstays deeply rooted and gives back to the African American community. - Brinton Flowers / Flowers Communications Group
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tosha downey
Tosha Downey
EDUCATION NATIONWhat's Happening in Memphis aka Teacher Town USA?
Special Correspondent: Tosha Downey
Shelby County Schools superintendent Dorsey Hopson (black) and Achievement School District superintendent Chris Barbic issued a joint statement Monday pledging their support toward recruiting and retaining the nation’s best teachers to work in Tennessee’s lowest-performing schools. The two leaders are asking business leaders, philanthropists and politicians to work together to make Memphis an attractive city for young, energetic and qualified teachers.
So today, the TN Ed Commissioner announced that Malika Andersonwill lead the state run Achievement School District, making Memphis the largest city leading a reform effort comprised predominately of African-American Leaders:
Sharon Griffin, SCS Innovation Zone Superintendent
Terence Patterson, Teacher Town Board Chair (soon to become CEO/President of Downtown Memphis Commission)
Tosha Downey, Teacher Town Director of Advocacy
Darryl Cobb, Charter Growth Fund Portfolio Partner
Teresa Jones, Chairman of SCS School Board
Roblin Webb Boxlin, CEO of Freedom Prep Charter (high performing)
Nashante Brown, President of Soulville Charter School (SCORE Prize for School Excellence)
Bobby White, CEO& Founder of Frazier Community Schools (high growth turnaround high school)
Tim Ware, ED of Memphis Achievement Schools (moved several schools from the bottom 5% of schools to the top 50%)
Derwin Sisnett/Yetta Lewis, Founders, Gestalt Public Schools
Mendell Grinter, ED Black Alliance for Education Options
Cardell Orrin, City Director Stand For Children
• ​Ian Buchanan, Director, Parent Advocacy Fellowship
John Little, Co-Director, Memphis Lift​
Michelle Armstrong, Director, Relay Teacher Training
Robin Henderson, Director Memphis Teacher Residency
Dr. Carol Johnson, Regional Director, New Leaders for New Schools
* Maya Bugg, TN Charter Center Director
• TBD-Teacher Town Director of Human Capital (both candidates are African-American)
•TBD-Teacher Town CEO (several lead candidates are African-American)
THIS is why TN is making the fastest gains in the nation! SOOOOOOOOO humbled to be called home to do this work. Tears flowing for real in the city of Civil Rights.
(Additional information provided by Daarel Burnette II, who is the bureau chief of Chalkbeat Tennessee)
HEALTHY COMMUNITIESLoop Capital Commits $1 Million to Community Health Worker Program
Loop Capital has pledged $1 million to launch the University of Chicago Medicine's Community Health Workers Program (CHW). Created in response to healthcare disparities present on the South Side of Chicago, CHW aims to enhance access to high-quality healthcare services within South Side communities. Through initiatives such as a proposed Pediatric Asthma and Adult Diabetes pilot for the Englewood and West Englewood neighborhoods, CHW plans to address healthcare issues and illnesses, which affect a considerable number of South Side residents.
Within the past 25 years, nearly one dozen South Side hospitals have permanently closed their doors. This trend has left the nearly 800,000 residents who live in these communities without an adequate number of effective healthcare facilities to aid in decreasing chronic healthcare issues and improving residents' health status and lifespan. In addition to other University of Chicago Medicine programs, which have already increased the number of nurses, physicians and other trained health care professionals throughout these communities, CHWwill assist individuals in adopting healthy behaviors and self-managing health conditions.
This mission is one that particularly resonates with Loop Capital's Chairman and CEO, Jim Reynolds, an Englewood native and staunch advocate for giving back to the community. "Having been born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, the wellbeing of its residents is a matter that is very important to me," says Reynolds. "The health issues that plague this community can be mitigated or avoided altogether through education and timely treatment. Loop Capital is proud to partner with the University of Chicago Medicine, one of the best medical institutions in the world, in order to effect change within this community and we hope that our contribution makes a difference in the lives of many."
"Addressing health disparities requires coordinated, community-based strategies," said Brenda Battle, RN, BSN, MBA, Vice President for Care Delivery Innovation and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the University of Chicago Medicine. "There's strong evidence that specially-trained com-munity health workers can be highly effective frontline providers of health education, counseling and social support leading to improved health out-comes. Proper integration of healthcare workers into a medical delivery system is a significant undertaking. We're tremendously grateful to have Loop Capital's support in this important effort."
Its pledge to CHW is a continuance of Loop Capital's commitment to supporting and advocating for organizations that positively affect the lives of those underserved and underprivileged. Last year, the investment banking, brokerage and advisory firm committed $1 million to Get IN Chicago, whose mission is to provide solvency and support to programs that have been proven to reduce violence in neighborhoods stricken by poverty and brutality. Founded in 1997, Loop Capital is an investment bank, brokerage and advisory firm headquartered in Chicago. The firm has 21 additional offices across the country.
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robin kelly 2
Cong. Robin Kelly
TBTNEWS HEADLINERobin Kelly Announces Grant for College
Congresswoman Robin Kelly recently announced that Olive-Harvey College has been awarded a $600,000 grant to implement an academic program that will assist low-income minority students earn STEM degrees that will lead to in-demand jobs.
“I’m pleased that Olive-Harvey College is committed to encouraging people of color to enter the STEM fields,” Congresswoman Kelly said. “The annual median salary of a computer and information professional is $77,000. This is more than the average Black and Latino household makes combined. I applaud the college for working to increase the participation of Blacks and Latinos in the STEMfields.”
The $600,000 grant will fund a program that will increase student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and increase the number of underrepresented students who earn STEM degrees of economic value. “Olive-Harvey College seeks to use these grant funds over the next five years to continue increasing the positive impact on student learning in STEM disciplines,” said Olive-Harvey College President Angelia Millender. “This grant will help address the continued disparity in college readiness for underprivileged racial and ethnic groups.”
The five-year grant was awarded through the U.S. Department of Education under the Predominantly Black Institutions Program. For more information, contact Mary Paleologos at 708-679-0078 or

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