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Deacons in the Diocese / Why Black Children Fight / They Just Don'tGet it / New Book Club

Building Generational Leaders PUBLISHER'S PEACE They Just Don't Get it! I have just seen first hand why the black community is in the condition tha
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Building Generational Leaders
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C. Dwayne West / CEO MG Media
PUBLISHER'S PEACEThey Just Don't Get it!
I have just seen first hand why the black community is in the condition that it is in. I have seen how other black folks in the political, corporate, community activist and the business landscape have worked relentless to cause financial and economic ruins to other blacks. Over the last month, I've witnessed first hand, to some degree, what has been at the center of what I'm calling black on black crime. Yep, the so-called black on black crime label is not just relegated to violence - it's also mental, spiritual and economic crimes against each other within the black community. But mainly it's executed by people in so-called power.
I once mentioned recently that I was not going to present names. I lied! Through this next election cycle that has begun and ends in March of 2016, within the scope of our media profession, TBTNews will incorporate stories about individuals who've totally operated against the black agenda. We will also chat about, as well, as the entities that have covered for them for decades.
Let me make this perfectly clear to all of TBTNews' tens of thousands of readers - I HAVE COME UNDER ATTACK. Several people have waged war against ME. Whether it's personal or professional, they've drawn first blood. And yes, I bleed - internally. They'll never see me sweat. As one of my all-time rappers stated so elegantly and precisely: I Will Not Lose!" - Jay Z.
One of my off the cuff mentors explained something very real to me over the weekend. She indicated that the haters who are trying to undercut me are people who can't hold a candle to what I've done. She stated that "Carl, you created something valid and tangible. What you've built is wonderful with the news service and other past accomplishments. You're leaving a real legacy. They, and others, who don't know what they wanna be when they grow up, can never do what you've done. They may try, but they can't. Some are too busy hustling campaign donations or begging for votes. So of course, they would look at you and want to knock you down. It's the only way to validate themselves." I totally concur.
People say they love and admire Dr. King or Malcolm X, but they don't act like it. Certain Negroes are afraid to live black. They don't protect their space. They sacrifice their beliefs. They want to go along to get along, even if it means their community suffers. In the words of recent CUL awardee Mr. Timuel Black, "Black folks have got to stand up and get off their knees and be black and love it."
These weak people want me to stop referencing them in my Works of Words, especially if they're being untruthful to the community. Their feelings are hurt. But they forget about all the hurt and displaced lives that they leave behind with their decisions to side with the hidden hands of power against the common man. Their skin is soft and they need for TBTNews to ease up. Me and others suggest that they should find another profession if the one they're currently involved in is too tough for them!
They have clearly misjudged me! This is a new day and I'm not one to be bought off or silenced. If they think their small minded actions will attempted to stop my flow - they are dead wrong! As I expressed, this is my calling. My anointed space. I will occupy it, defend it and protect it with all my Godgiving faculties. People, I will not lose! Peace and One Love.
I Write to Differ...
Listen to publisher and CEO Carl West discuss the news service recent listing of TBTNews '25'with Art Sims on Real Talk, Real People on tonight, Monday, November 9 from 6:30pm - 7pm on WVON 1690AM. Carl will also be on Cliff Kelley's show on Tuesday from 3pm - 3:30pm and Matt McGill'sshow, Wednesday, during the early a.m. hours prior to Carl's weekly segment as one of The Commentators.
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CBS' Ryan Baker, Blue 1647's Wendell Mosby and Carl West at Chi Urban League Fellowship Dinner
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The posse of beautiful and talented women at Chi Urban League's 54th Annual Awards Dinner
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Mr. Larry Green
TBTNEWS COMMENTARYDeacons in the Diocese
Correspondent: MG Media
The Rev. Larry Green knows something about what makes an effective deacon. “Effective deacons are hustlers,” he explains. “They look at their job as outside the walls of the parish, and can really listen to those needs and hear their concerns, and they can find a way to bring those needs and concerns back into the parish.”
Ordained in 2005, Green has served as deacon at St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church in Chicago for more than a decade. His passion for his vocation is palpable, but there was a time when he wasn’t even aware of deacons. “When I first start thinking about ordained ministry, I didn’t really know the diaconate existed. I kind of thought it was priest or bust, and then all of a sudden I realized after I got started in the process that the diaconate was definitely my route, because I have always been into doing service. And it is a servant ministry.”
In addition to his ordained ministry, Green continues to work as founder and president of a legal recruiting, consulting and career counseling firm. “Some people wonder how I do it,” says Green, whose long days often take him to the office, the church, and the neighborhood streets where much of his ministry takes place. An important part of his role at St. Chrysostom’s is to empower parishioners. “If someone comes to me and says they’re looking to get involved, I can get them involved and I can do it quickly,” he says.“And I give them options.”
Green spends much of his energy on “Neighbors in Need.” A long-standing ministry of St. Chrysostom’s that feeds roughly 90 to 120 people each month and offers additional services such as coats, hats, gloves and socks to each guest in early December. “My job and responsibility is to work with our lay leaders in making sure that we recruit people to cook, serve, as well as being on site each month, and being the shaker/baker/coordinator of making sure we get everybody engaged,” says Green, who stresses the importance of true welcome.
Green’s ministry has also expanded to The Little Red Wagon Project, a new venture that ministers to homeless people living on nearby Lower Wacker Drive.“We put a red Radio Flyer wagon at the back of the church, so it’s very visible to people coming in. We ask people to put in ready-to-eat food donations like bottled water, apple sauce, fruit cups, beef jerky, crackers and cereal,”says Green. “This is a ministry of the whole parish, so we’re starting to engage groups. Our first group to go out with the wagons will be with our Wednesday night covenant group. And then we’re going to have the men’s fellowship group, the youth group, and the women’s group do one. We’ll also have some people who want to come every time. And that’s okay too.”
During Sunday morning services at St. Chrysostom’s, the wagon comes up the aisle as the gifts are being presented. “It comes up and it’s blessed,” says Green. “and a few of the food items actually go on the holy table as the symbolic part of this ministry.” Green is one of 52 deacons serving in the Diocese of Chicago, and he credits the strong community he found during his formation process. In 2013, Bishop Lee formed a task force to ensure that deacons and their formation remained a priority for the diocese. “The diaconate in the Diocese of Chicagohas always been strong,” says the Rev. Sue Nebel, a member of the Deacon Leadership Team.
One priority of the Deacon Leadership Team should be “to create initiatives to increase the number and diversity of deacons in the diocese.” In July, the Leadership Team hosted a meeting for people interested in finding out more.“The 25 people in attendance ranged from someone who has already been nominated by his parish and been told he will be invited to a postulancy weekend, to someone who was just kind of curious,” says Nebel. “People were all over the map.”
Nebel has also met with the Hispanic Affairs Commission about the diaconate at the invitation of the Rev. Victor Conrado, a member of the leadership team. “I would talk, and then Victor would translate into Spanish,” says Nebel. “And there was this wonderful moment when someone said, ‘could you just please define ‘discernment?’ And it was one of those aha moments when you realize you use terms in the church that no one understands.’”
As new deacons are recruited, new formation opportunities will need to keep pace. Diaconal formation should be accessible to people with diverse languages, educational backgrounds, ages, work schedules and obligations.“We’re looking at online learning, we’re looking at small groups, working with a mentor, various formats, and trying to help people tailor a formation plan to evaluate what their life experience is,” says Nebel. “But one of the things that people valued about the old model of the School of Deacons was the sense of community. So we are working on how are we going do that.”
Dr. Chandra Gill
Contributing Correspondent: Dr. Chandra Gill
Growing up my parents would say, “You better know those books like you know those rap lyrics!” Now it seems we can sadly say, “if only more children would FIGHT mediocrity and failure the way they’re FIGHTing each other.”
Blackademically Speaking, we could even remix it for added emphasis: “They need to hit these books as opposed to hitting one another!” Before we proclaim our usual “these kids today…” anthem, I believe we’re more advantaged when we delve deeper and supply context to this madness we're seeing all over social media today. Sure “these children” (scratch that) Our Children have a multitude of things to work through via the lens of respect and responsibility.
But be clear…so do we as adults. One ugly truth about our communities in general is, we refuse to critically examine the interconnectedness of imagery, entertainment and self-identity/self-worth. Then, there’s the issue of a prevailing mis-education in schools; this further absolves our children of the right to know who they really are culturally and spiritually - thereby presenting a less esteemed Black child.
In step with our A Fight Against Failure – Fall Series, add to the list how we’ve become a society that’ll solely blame and punish children that FIGHT…more specifically Black children. We solely blame (and punish) little black girls as they’re choked and dragged in classrooms by adult men 3x’s their size. All while we fail to blame (and punish) violent industries that pay people millions of dollars to FIGHT. Yep, two of the top sports in America are hockey and football.
The highest grossing athlete in America today is a boxer…you know him! …it’s the very sport that also hails The World’s Greatest, Mr. Muhammad Ali. See, we as a nation have an awkward infatuation with things like FIGHTing and we call it entertainment. But when our children mirror the darling sports of this nation, we call them crazy and eventually inmates. Dare to dig deeper in analysis regarding what’s going on with our children today. They’re all we have and for them we must stand and in a very different way.... FIGHT! See
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book google guys
TBTNews Book Club: This will be the intro into weekly suggestive reading for anyone who strives for success and progress. The black community must think BIG and consider the future of their children's children. Building wealth is not designated to a certain race of people. Anyone can create a financially viable proposition for themselves. They just have to believe and are willing to take on serious risk. This weeks reading is The Google Guys. Study the minds of these disrupters and imagine yourself in their space, then erect your own space in which to excel. - MG Media

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