Tuesday, November 17, 2015

79th street Business Corridor Press Conference results

Grand Crossing Park Neighborhood Network
"...What YOU can do for YOUR Neighborhood"
Dearest Neighbors & Stakeholders,
Sincere thanks to all who came out and supported the business Corridor Association in it's call calm for a turn from violence on 79th street. In all, about 10 or so Network associates, out of about 50 persons, came out and helped bring substance to the gathering.
The press conference aired several perspective on the ill - effects of the unsubstantiated rumors which has kept customers off the strip. It also brought up realities of the dire economic situation at hand.
There will be on-going contacts and meetings to address the situation, which, by all accounts is not as urgent as the rumor described it being. There is no confirmed spectre of mass retaliation expected to the Tyshawn Lee (9yr old) incident.
Brad O. Redrick,

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