Thursday, November 5, 2015

Here's what you need to know about last night's results


Last night, we made some key electoral gains in places like Pennsylvania, especially on the state Supreme Court, and in Ohio, where a Democrat-backed redistricting measure won with overwhelming support.

But I want to talk about two places where we didn't do so well. With their new Republican governor, Kentucky -- one of Obamacare's great success stories, where they saw the steepest drop in rates of uninsured residents in the country -- could see all of that progress dismantled, leaving hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians at risk once again. And in Houston, anti-LGBT activists succeeded in rolling back nondiscrimination protections, making it the largest city in the country without this type of law in place to support its LGBT residents.

Issues like these fire up the Republican base and make them more likely to turn out. As Democrats, we know that our best and only real way of stopping them from rolling back the progress we've made is to show up and vote. The fact of the matter is that turnout was low yesterday. But the good news is, we know what we have to do to make it better -- a lot better-- next year. And we know that when the electorate is bigger, more diverse, and more representative of what the American people really stand for, our candidates will win.

But that's not going to just happen overnight -- we need to do the work, Maryellen. We can't take anything for granted between now and next November. Can I count on you to step up and really start getting your friends, neighbors, and family members fired up to do what it takes to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2016?

Thanks for standing with us. We can't do this without you.

All the best,


Amy K. Dacey
Chief Executive Officer
Democratic National Committee

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